Stash (Black)
Stash (Black)
Stash (Black)
Stash (Black)

Stash (Black)

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 Designed to specifically combo the Dynavap and ZAM grinder/accessories, this is the best Dynavap stash available. Here's why. 

 Features Include: 

  1. Backboard de-capper diametric magnet allows you to securely rest and cool the Dynavap as you move about.
  2. Free your captive cap! On the face of the backboard is a protruding edge that catches and pulls the Dynavap cap off.
  3.  Spring loaded sections that fit the 92mm Dynavap and the ZAM Mini grinder. Air-tight glass jar available as substitute for grinder.
  4. Additional container below swivels out and holds PTFE(Teflon) inserts for easy loading/de-bowling.
  5.  Optional Aomoi torch caddy magnetically attracts to backboard de-capper magnet for secure and effortless carrying.
  6. Optional stainless steel handled shovel magnetically attaches to the underside of stash case.
  7. Traditional de-capper/cooling diametric magnet on the front.
  8.  EVA closed cell foam + N52 neodymium magnets makes the stash air-tight, water-tight throughout.
  9. 3D printed from PLA Black. 

*PTFE inserts, Glass jar, and Aomoi sheath sold separately.