3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders
3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders

3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2"

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Expected Shipping Date: August

Update as of 6/6/24 - Everything is going well. Grinders are expected to be finished ~ 6/20 and we will hopefully begin shipping out the following week. 

Update as of 6/25/24 - Grinders will start shipping out on Monday. 

Update as of 6/30/24 - FedEx lost the shipment. The entire shipment is being remade and will be ready in ~35 days. Emails are going out today notifying pre-orders. I'm very sorry. Please email zamgrinders@gmail.com if you have any questions.  

Update as of 7/24/24 - Grinders are expected to be finished ~08/10/24.

The ZAM FullMag is a threadless herb grinder held together entirely by magnetic rings. There are no threads to get clogged and cross-threaded. There are no center posts to get in your way.

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  • 2.2 inch (56.4mm) diameter
  • CNC'd from anodized aluminum 6061
  • Connected entirely with magnetic rings - no threading, no center posts/spokes (patent pending)
  • Deep dish collection tray (56.4mm W x 23.4mm H) 
  • Extremely sharp trapezoidal teeth
  • Diamond knurling surface texture
  • Weight: 7.2oz
  • Height: 2.1in (55mm)



Patent Pending Magnetic Closing System

The ZAM FullMag is a herb grinder without threads, and without any center posts. All sections of the grinder are connected using powerful Neodymium magnetic rings situated on the perimeter, with steel rings placed directly opposite.

Got a Big Ol’ Bud? Throw It Directly in the Center!

No magnet in the center of the grinding chamber frees you from the burden of squished bud patties. Before, the center of the grinder was a “no-go zone”, but now it’s the optimum location to easily apply the greatest amount of torque.

Thoughtlessly Combine Sections. No Unintentional Rotation.

The ZAM FullMag doesn’t require any special orientation to combine. You don’t have to line up any complicated shapes or solve any puzzles. When two sections of the grinder attract, a rubber O-ring is compressed, preventing any unintentional rotation.

Meanwhile the grinder remains securely closed. Drop it on the ground, toss it in a bag, or even throw it across the room — it won't come apart. Patent pending

Customized Magnetic Pulling Strength 

Different sized O-rings can be used to control the distance of the magnets, and therefore the strength it takes to open and close the grinder.

Planning to take your grinder out on a trip? Use a smaller O-ring so the pulling force is stronger.

Are you planning to hang out around the house? Or do you have reduced hand strength? Use a larger O-ring so the magnetic pulling strength is weaker and the grinder is easier to open. 

Patent pending

O-Rings Prevent Odor From Escaping While Preventing Material Deterioration.

A smooth turning lid was prioritized, so while the entire grinder isn’t completely air-tight, the compressed O-rings do prevent smell from escaping. The O-rings also help prevent your herbs from deteriorating. 

Redesigned Grinding Chamber

The main grinding chamber has been redesigned to reduce the surface area of the inside wall. The wall height was reduced to prevent build-up and now acts as a guiding edge where extremely sharp trapezoidal teeth positioned close-by will propel unground material back into the path of the teeth.

Graspable Area - Diamond Knurling

Too many grinders have tiny lids that are hard to grasp! Increased part size in addition to deep diamond knurling surface texture guarantees that your hands are comfortable and won’t slip.