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 Simon Moser - StrainInsider - "I really really like it, and trust me, companies are sending us expensive weed gadgets on a weekly basis."

Simon Moser  

Jon Cappetta - HighTimes - "The grinder's dope - definitely good for on the move bowl packing!"

Jon Cappetta

David Carpenter - Forbes - "I'm really impressed with the ZAM grinder. Simple, light, easy to spin, feels great in your hand."

Feature in Forbes

David Carpenter - If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, the ZAM grinder is definitely going to make your smoking sessions feel more special and valuable.

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4 Piece Stainless Steel Grinder - 1.8" - ZAM Grinders

ZAM Grinders - Maximize Your Flower

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A Portable Weed Grinder That Doesn't Suck

The ZAM 1.1" pocket grinder is built to be a little different than other weed grinders.

Here's how:

Perfect Size for the Pocket

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100% Air-tight, Water-tight

Aluminum Bucket Insert - ZAM Grinders
Dynavap Bundle - Swivel Stash/1.1" Pocket Grinder/Small Stainless Steel Jar - ZAM Grinders

Grind Directly Into a Removeable Bucket

Portable De-Bowler

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Pocket Grinder V2 - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders

New Ring Shaped Neodymium Magnet

Extended Teeth Length

Pocket Grinder V2 - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders

Optional Screen Section

Modular Design

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Pocket Grinder V2 - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders

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