Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does shipping take? 2-4 days. Orders placed on Friday will be shipped first thing Monday.

What does the packaging look like? Is it discreet? Orders are shipped in a plain manila padded envelope. There will be no distinguishing marks/logos/words to associate this order with cannabis. The “from” will say “ZAM”, only. Not “ZAM Grinders”.

What is your return policy? So long as the grinder has been unused and unmarked, you can return the grinder to the return address for a full refund after the order has been received back.

What if the grinder has been damaged? In the unlikely event that a tooth breaks, you will receive a full refund provided you show evidence of the break. (picture of broken tooth)

What’s the difference between the ZAM mini and the regular ZAM ginder? The only difference is the ZAM mini has the main storage compartment and kief screen compartment removed. If you purchase the full-sized ZAM grinder and then remove these sections, it will be the same product as the ZAM mini.

How much does international shipping cost? ~$10 to Canada, and $15 world-wide.

What grade of metal is the ZAM grinder made from? Anodized aluminum 6061 T-6

Is the ZAM grinder comfortable to carry in the pocket? Yes, it’s barely noticeable. You can fall asleep with it in your pocket and not notice.

Do the PTFE linings come with the grinder? No, they must be added on and cost $3 each. You will not receive the inserts if you remove them during the checkout phase.

Why use PTFE for the inserts? PTFE is a material that is chemically inert and has one of the lowest coefficient of frictions. This means sticky material that would normally react with the material is able to be safely stored for long periods of time. This includes concentrates.

My magnet came loose on my grinder, is this covered under the warranty? Yes, if your magnet comes off during regular course of use you are entitled to a free refund or replacement so long as you provide evidence (picture of magnet).

The grinder is only 1.1” wide in diameter — is it still useful? Yes, the teeth have been extended and the center magnet redesigned into a ring to give you the entire chamber to place your cannabis nugs. Simply press your nug into the grinding teeth and grind away!

Where can I contact you? Please email