Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1"
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1"
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1"
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1"
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders
Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1" - ZAM Grinders

Pocket V2 (Aluminum) - 1.1"

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All metal/ptfe bucket inserts sold out. 

Aren't you tired of lugging around all that stuff? This is a luxury pocket grinder designed to maximize space without sacrificing grind quality.

Grinder Specifications & Features

  • 1.1" in diameter, 3.7" in length
  • Smell proof
  • Available in blue, black, silver, red, and green
  • CNC'd from¬†solid block of aluminum 6061
  • Anodized to prevent scratches/surface wear
  • 100 micron stainless steel screen
  • PTFE O-ring for ultra smooth turning
  • Optional PTFE/metal bucket & de-bowler
  • Free shipping:¬†average 2-3 day delivery
  • Ultrasonically cleansed to remove¬†leftover unwanted manufacturing contaminants
  • Designed and assembled in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Full 6 month warranty. Limited lifetime warranty¬†
  • Inserts sold separately.¬†


Featured on Forbes.com

This 1.1" pocket grinder was featured on Forbes.com, and is designed to make grinding and storing herbs easier while on the go. Its slim form allows it to easily slide into your pocket or purse, while multiple air-tight storage chambers allow you to carry different strains at once. 

De-Bowler & Bucket Inserts

Want to keep things organized?  Grind directly into a removeable bucket that comes in 5 different colors, and fits directly underneath the grinding chamber. 

Need to remove some pesky material from a stem-loaded vaporizer? Use a de-bowler insert to quickly clean it out.

No Annoying Center Post in the Grinding Chamber

That annoying center magnetic post has been redesigned as a ring, so no more squished patties preventing the grinder from closing. This features allows you to squish a lot more material into the grinding chamber. 

Longer Teeth - More Room for Material

We went down, rather than out. The teeth are longer making more room for material. With no magnet to get in your way, and a deeper chamber for material, you can see how this grinder is more efficient than expected. 

Modular Sections - Customize to Your Liking

The sections are modular, so rearrange the grinder fit your desired function. Want to increase the size of the storage area above the teeth? Done. Want to remove the screen? Done.

It can even turn into a micro grinder at only 2.1" tall and 1.1" in diameter. The perfect mini grinding companion. 

Air-Tight, Water-Tight Sections

Each section is separated by a rubber o-ring forming an air-tight, water-tight seal when closed. This is the perfect combination for a portable pocket grinder designed to rest unobtrusively in the pocket. 

Different Colors Available

Choose from five different colors (blue, black, green, red, silver), and mix and match inserts also available in the same colors to create stunning combinations. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Been using mine for years!

I use this grinder on a daily basis. It comes with me everywhere (along with my Dynavap and lighter). It's small, so it can fit anywhere in my purse or jacket pocket. Yet, it holds my de-bowler, grinder, storage, and kief screen.
I bought this yearssss ago. Sometime during the transition between Etsy and webstore, I think. I believe I even got a prototype or such. But I do remember I had to ask him for one after spotting this grinder (or the all-in-one DV holder) somewhere. But don't quote my memory lol.
Anyway, I love it. Even when I stray away to try a new one, I always end up back with my ol' skinny-pinnie grinder that's so very useful and portable.

Thanks so much!

Thomas Baird
Pocket Grinder 1.1 V1 & V2

As a 70+ yo, I have had over 50 yrs experience with many different grinders over time. I can emphatically recommend the ZAM 1.1‚ÄĚ grinders, they offer the epitome of excellence in the engineering, design and construction materials exceeding grinders that are much more expensive (i.e. $100+). ZAM Grinder‚Äôs customer service is without equal imho.

Love the V2!

I bought the V1 and now the V2. V2 is much better at handeling sticky buds. I liked the threading on the V1 better. V2 now has O-rings to make each section air tight, which I didn't see in the pictures. Magnets stronger. Overall good improvments.

Smokin' Joe
Great travel grinder!

Keep a bud in the top, some fresh grind in the chamber, pour straight into piece, and grind more as needed.

It's also much harder to spot from the pockets!

Too small to replace my main grinder, but great for on the go, 5/5!

Tiny but packs a punch

I got this grinder a couple weeks ago and it has been my go to grinder when I just want a single nug ground up quickly. I leave the little bucket under the holes and then dump the ground weed right into my bowl.