ZAM Swivel Stash (Dynavap Accessory)
ZAM Swivel Stash (Dynavap Accessory) - ZAM Grinders

ZAM Swivel Stash (Dynavap Accessory)

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Designed to specifically combo the Dynavap and ZAM grinder/accessories.

 Features Include: 

  1. Backboard de-capper diametric magnet allows you to securely rest and cool the Dynavap as you move about.
  2. Free your captive cap! On the face of the backboard is a protruding edge that catches and pulls the Dynavap cap off.
  3. Spring loaded sections that fit the standard width 92mm Dynavap and the ZAM pocket grinder/StashCann. Air-tight glass jar available as substitute for grinder.
  4. Additional container below swivels out and holds metal/PTFE inserts for easy loading/de-bowling.
  5. Stainless steel handled shovel magnetically attaches to the underside of stash case.
  6. Traditional de-capper/cooling diametric magnet on the front.

*Inserts and glass jar sold separately.

Designed to Sit Upright 

This stash is made for the Dynavap portable vaporizer. Unlike other stashes, the ZAM stash is made to sit upright with a convenient filleted backboard to easily catch and  direct your vaporizer onto the diametric cooling magnet.

There is a second magnet on the flat face of the stash if you wish to lay the stash down. 

Top Lid Connected with Neodymium Magnets

There are 8 neodymium magnets, 4 on each side, that keep the lid securely closed. A stainless steel rod is inserted in one corner to easily allow you to swivel the lid with one hand.

Other stashes require you to sit down or fumble with multiple pieces, but the ZAM is easily usable on-the-go. You need to feel that satisfying "click" as the lid swivels into place. 

Two Compartments. One for the Dynavap. One for Storage

There are two compartments beneath the top swivel lid. One is storage for a Dynavap, the other an air-tight glass jar or a configuration of the ZAM 1.1" grinder. Both compartments have a spring in the bottom that push the Dynavap and storage out when the lid is opened. 

Extra Swivel Compartment

There is an additional compartment beneath the storage compartment. There is EVA foam to make it smell-proof, and there is a stainless steel rod allowing this section to swivel out.

Extra material can be stored here, or a de-bowler add-on can be inserted to easily de-bowl your Dynavap.

Combines with ZAM 1.1" Pocket Grinder, and StashCann

The extra compartment is wide enough to fit the 1.1" pocket grinder, or the StashCann. They're all the same width. Though neither the StashCann or 1.1" pocket grinder will fit at full size.

But don't worry! They're easily adaptable.

Why Buy the Swivel Stash?

The ZAM swivel stash is a uniquely designed stash that combines and organizes the routine actions of a Dynavap user. De-cap on the magnet, de-bowl using the bottom swivel section, then reload with the compartment above — all without needing to stop and fumble around. Save time, save the hassle, upgrade to a ZAM stash. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome little case

I was looking for a dynavap case and this one caught my eye as it's a bit different. I really like the bottom part that swivels out with the debowler. I want one in metal.