Giant 4 Foot Glass Bongs


4 foot bong


Looking to buy a giant 4 foot glass bong? Well, you're in luck, I know just the spot.

You can buy a 48 inch, 4 foot bong here, designed by yours truly. These are some beasts to ship without breaking, so I decided to stop selling them for a while, but I'm bringing them back. 

Why am I bringing them back? The world of cannabis has changed quite a lot in the past five years, and a giant bong is more likely to be accepted than it was just a short couple years ago.

But let's talk about the bong itself a little bit, shall we? 

 So Why Buy a Giant 4FT Bong?

 That's honestly a good question. For some it will be obvious ...because it's awesome, and that's all the reasoning they will need. But for others the utility of the bong has to be understood.

Is there a purpose? Do you feel the effects more from a huge water pipe such as this? Isn't it going to break? Can you even clear that much volume in one breath? Doesn't the smoke go stale? What's the point when you need another person to light the damn thing? And there are answers to all those questions. 

Is There a Purpose?

I was at a party in the kitchen when a rumor started to float through the crowd. People started filtering up to the second floor until the question had to be asked. "Where is everyone going"?

It turns out there was a 4ft plastic bong upstairs and once the party found out about it, everyone had to try and clear it. People were lining up to try and clear this monstrosity and I just remember that it was a great time. 

So is there a purpose? Yes and no. I'm not going to dive into the metaphysical when we're talking about a 4ft bong, but do you need this big ass bong to really get the effects you want? No. This bong is for fun. It naturally grabs the attention of anybody nearby, and it's fun to enjoy the comradery involved in lighting it and the competitive jousting with your friends about who can clear it the best. But it's not necessary.

Do You Feel the Effects More From a Larger Bong? 

Yes, I think so, but not for the reason you may think. Most people buy a 4ft bong and think they're going to fill the whole tube with smoke. No, bad idea. Let me tell you first-hand how absolutely disgusting it is to have the barrel turn a cheese stale-yellow and then clear it. I've done it once and will never do it again. 

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No, the reason you feel the effects more from any hit on a 3ft, 4ft, giant bong is because you are forced to take a larger breath and enlarge your lungs more. Inhaling as much as possible causes more surface area of your lungs to be exposed to smoke which causes you to absorb more THC. You don't need to clear the entire tube to get obliterated, trust me. 

Isn't It Going to Break? 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that this bong isn't fragile. Because the tip of the bong rests 4ft up, even a fall from standing position can shatter the bong. But I and many customs have managed to keep it intact. I recommend storing it in a corner of the room when not in use, and also keep the box that it's shipped in for easy storage and movement.

It would look quite weird seeing someone walk down the street with a 4ft bong. A 4ft cardboard box is less conspicuous. 


Can You Clear a 4ft Bong In One Breath? 

Yes. There are many videos online of people clearing it. It's not super easy, but it's not hard either. Some people decide to take a 2nd breath because of what I described above. Taking it all in one hit can be too effective, a 2nd breath lets you better control the amount you absorb. 

Here are some of those videos:

Doesn't The Smoke Go Stale? 

I strongly recommend not letting the smoke sit long enough for it to go stale. If you use a Volcano or some other vaporizer then you can fill it to your hearts content! Otherwise a normal bowl-pack and a big breath is all you need. 

What's the Point When You Need Another Person to Light It?

Because it's fun as hell. You don't buy a 4ft bong to enjoy by yourself in the first place. It's designed to attract attention, it's designed to require a friend to help and that just makes it all the better. Sharing is caring. 

Where to Buy a Giant 4FT Glass Bong? 

You can buy a ZAM 4ft bong here on my store. 

4 foot glass water pipe