Lung Buster 30 Inches of Doom

The lung buster 30 inches of doom is from a video of Youtube cannabis influencer Jollie Ollie.

You might recognize him from his classic opening phrase, “What up Youtube Youtuuuube!”, with a flashy, red eye’d grin plastered on his face.


lung buster 30 inch bong


Where to Buy the Lung Buster?

You can buy a USA made, 30 inch 9mm thick bong here. The same size bong featured in the video.

The video in question is pretty famous. It starts off with Jollie Ollie introducing the Lung buster bong and then ripping the 30 inch bong with ease over and over…and over.

What’s great is watching Jollie go from relatively sober to completely stoned and practically drooling over the course of the video. And it wouldn’t be customgrow420 without the giant milky white hits from which he grew his Youtube fandom on.  

The bong, a 30 inch beaker bong, is relatively hard bong to come by. Bongs that size simply aren’t often made, and if they are, you can’t find them on online shops.

That’s why we teamed up with a glassblower in the USA to offer a 9mm thick 30 inch bong. It’s the same size bong in the video, and it’s 9mm thick, which means it is practically indestructible.

We’re not new to the giant bong category.

Take a look at our 4 foot bongs that have been hit by other cannabis influencers like Macdizzle420, Straincentral, SilencedHippie, and DopeasYola.

What’s The Point of a 30 Inch Bong?

30 inch bong

You can simply inhale more smoke without it condensing into that putrid thick yellow smoke that closely resembles car exhaust fumes.

It’s also just awesome to look at sitting over in the corner, and it’s a great conversation piece.

Another aspect often overlooked with big bongs is simply the act of hitting the bong will cause you to get higher.

I go over this in another article about discussing why someone would buy a 4 foot bong, and this reasoning is the same here. It’s not so much that you’re able to inhale more volume of smoke, it’s that the bong causes you to take larger volumes of air. AKA - a bigger hit.

When you inhale, you expand your lungs. A small bong has a small volume of air to inhale and so you can take a “big” rip, but effectively inhale a small amount.

A big bong like our 30 inch or 48inch will cause you to really take that deep breath, so by the time you’ve cleared the tube, your lungs are expanded to max size and you’re efficiently absorbing as much THC from the smoke as you can.


In other words, big bongs = forced big rips. Take a person who doesn’t normally hit a bong with a deep breath and see how they do after clearing one of these.

I guarantee that you'll feel the difference. Looking to buy a 30 inch lung buster? Please consider our USA made 9mm thick 30 inch bong.