This 1 Inch Herb Grinder Is Better Than the Rest

Grinders come in all sizes. There are mini weed grinders, and there are jumbo weed grinders. But what exactly do these titles mean?

Check out this article to learn more about different grinder sizes, pieces, and what that terminology means

A one inch grinder is designed to be a super portable grinder for travel. People often think you need to smoke an eighth each sitting, but most of us are fine with a significant lesser amount.

1 Inch Grinder is Perfect for Smaller Amounts

zam 1 inch pocket grinder

It just so happens there is a category of smokers who prefer smaller amounts.

Now, if you’re someone who prefers smaller portions, why would you use a giant ass weed grinder? It doesn’t make sense.

A 1 inch grinder is better suited for this situation for multiple reasons, and the ZAM grinder is the best small weed grinder on the market.

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Grind More Than You Think

You would think that a one inch weed grinder wouldn’t be able to grind a lot of weed at one time. And you would be right for the most part. The ZAM is only 1.1” inches in diameter so it won’t be able to grind up eighths at a time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grind a solid amount.

Every other weed grinder on the market has that annoying center magnet designed to keep the lid on. But why is this important connection placed right in the center where it’s also most likely to cause jamming issues?

How does a 1 inch herb grinder even work when you have to break up your weed into super mini portions just to get into the grinding chamber? Also, these 1 inch grinders generally have a thin lid that makes it difficult to grasp and turn.

So you’ve got a 1 inch grinder that you’re not able to grip, you cant put weed into it without jamming, and only grinds a small amount at a time. That sounds horrible, which is why the ZAM fixed all those issues.

Large Amount of Surface Texture

1 inch grinders are generally hard to grip, but the ZAM has vertical surface texture placed father down the grinder so you’ll have no issues gripping and holding the grinder.

Increased Teeth Length

To increase the amount of bud that can be ground at once, the ZAM grinder has extended teeth length. Rather than wider, the ZAM grinder is taller standing at 3.7 inches in height.

And remember! No center magnet means you can literally push a single bud down onto the teeth which means you can grind a lot more than you think.

Extra Compartment Above the Teeth

This grinder is designed for travel, designed to take with you. Why else would you choose such a tiny weed grinder?

So then doesn’t it make sense to be able to take some extra bud with you?

If it can only grind smaller amount of the go, it would be great if there was a way to store a little extra for some last minute grinding for maximum flavor.

Well what do you know! The ZAM has an air-tight, water-tight section above the teeth that makes the ZAM 1 inch grinder immediately more useful than others of the same size and shape.

Store Concentrates

That’s not all the ZAM grinder can do. There are PTFE inserts available that are designed to store concentrates and multiple strains. Click here to see why you need a grinder with storage for concentrates.


The ZAM pocket grinder is the best option available for sale. With multiple patent pending improvements designed to facilitate a pleasurable grinding experience on the go, the ZAM pocket is the only grinder of its kind.