Check Out These Anime Grinders From Your Favorite Shows!

There’s nothing better than packing up the bong before watching your favorite anime show. The two go hand-in-hand really well, so it’s no wonder there are so many anime themed cannabis accessories. Duh, Baka

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Grinders for instance are a perfect item to put anime images on because of the relatively large top flat surface and generally cheap application of images.

Here is a list of anime weed grinders that will hit you with a bit of nostalgia as you “prepare” for the show to start.  

Naruto Weed Grinder

naruto weed grinder

Born in the leaf village, naruto Uzumaki knows full well the meaning of rolling one up. You think those eyes are from going into sage mode? Sike — that's just the effects from their patented Kush. 

Naurto keeps telling Kurama to stop hotboxing his soul, but he's like, "naaa". 

Later, they become friends and share many joints together. 

anime weed grinder

Here you can see the long term effects of the Leaf Village's patent chronic. The tell-tale eye pattern is a distinct brand pattern they added later. 

One Piece Weed Grinders

one piece weed grinder

Spoilers: The One Piece is the CAN-CAN fruit. And yes, it's the ability to grow, and control cannabis. At the end of the grand line, that's what they're going to find. But what they don't know is that Luffy is secretly baked all the time anyway. That's the real point of the One piece. It's not getting baked at the end, it's getting baked with your friends, and the fun you had along the way. 

one piece cannabis accessories

Let it be known, Chopper is the biggest fiend for some weed. That precocious little shit likes to act like he doesn't know what he was doing. Suddenly he becomes a vegetarian and hoofs down all the good good. 

Boku No Hero Weed Grinders


Here's some lore for you. Ka-chan, also known as the explodey guy with anger management problems, he first learned he had powers when his lighter ran out. He needed to spark up his joint and he had to resort to using his powers. 

anime grinders weed

Todoroki is a favorite among the circle for his ability to both light joints, and cool the bong. 

Attack on Titan Weed Grinder

attack on titan weed grinder

Did you know you could revert a titan by feeding them edibles?

Full Metal Alchemist Weed Grinders

full metal alchemist weed grinder

Jujutsu Kaisen Weed Grinders

jujutsu weed grinderjujutsu kaisen

Kimetsu No Yaiba Weed Grinders

kimetsu weed grinder

Pokemon Weed Grinders

pokemon weed grinder

Rick and Morty Weed Grinders

rick and morty weed grinderrick and morty

Star Wars Weed Grinders

star wars herb grinder

star wars weed grinder

Hello Kitty Weed Grinders

hello kitty weed grinderhello kitty herb grinder

Dragon Ball Z Weed Grinders

dragon ball z grinderdragon ball z weed grinder

Avatar Weed Grinders

avatar weed grinderavatar-symbol-anime-grinder

Are anime grinders copyrighted?

They are, and Japan has a strict policy against most forms of weed. These grinders with anime pictures on the front are not legal; the companies simply don’t care and haven’t fought for them to be removed.

Because it’s technically illegal, you won’t find any large brands selling these grinders. Most anime grinders are found on Etsy as Etsy has removed themselves from any legal implications.

Are these Grinders Any Good?

Not really. These are cheap weed grinders designed for the illustration on the front, not to be functionally better or different. These grinders are generally made of zinc or low quality aluminum, and while these characteristics won’t be important to some, if you’re expecting a high quality name brand weed grinder, you'll be disappointed.

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