Best Grinder for Pax 3

The Pax is a portable vaporizer that has been touted as one of the best in terms of portability and appearance.

While other vapes have taken over in terms of flavor and overall power, the Pax still holds a place among many vape fans for its sleek look and compact form.

pocket grinder for pax 3


What Type of Grind Works Best for the Pax 3?

The Pax 3 vape, much like the Pax 2 and original Pax, prefers a tight weed pack.

To attain this tight weed pack, you need to have a fine grind. This may seem a simple issue at first, but not all weed grinders can produce a grind fine enough to really boost the Pax’s abilities.

Also, what constitutes a fine grind changes depending on the individual.

Why Dos a Pax Work Better With a Fine Grinder?

The chamber only heats up from one end, and then when you draw-in air, you cause that heat to pass throughout the weed that’s in the chamber.

You might think that a super loose pack would help with the PAX, but that’s not the case. A tighter pack will provide an overall better saturation of heat throughout your cannabis.

Here are a couple herb grinders that work great with the Pax 3.

The ZAM 1.1" Pocket Grinder

The ZAM 1.1" Pocket Grinder is a skinny 1 inch diameter grinder made by us, and is designed to facilitate the best experience in regards to travel and portability — much like the Pax.

The Pax is a portable vape designed to carry with you while you’re out-and-about. But what about your weed stash? And where do you keep your cannabis or your concentrates.

The other pocket is the obvious answer, but there are limitations in chucking everything you have into your pockets.

zam pocket grinder - perfect for the pax 3

The ZAM is the best weed grinder for the PAX 3 because of its adaptability, portability and fine grind.

First off, the entire thing is air-tight. Not only that, but above the teeth there's a second storage spot. You can store concentrates, screens, whole nugs, etc. 

The teeth are extended to provide more room for grinding, while the chamber below is long and skinny, perfect for slipping in-to, and out-of your coat pocket or purse.

Together, the PAX 3 and the ZAM grinder make the best combination for a discrete night out.

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Magic Flight

So you’ve ground your weed to be super fine, but it still just isn’t cutting it. You want to go further, finer than before you has ever gone.

Well, then the Magic Flight grinder might be your best choice. This “finishing” grinder is just that, a finishing grinder. After you’ve ground your weed once with a regular grinder, you then put your supposedly chunky weed into the the magic flight for even more super-fine grind.

The Magic Flight is also very very small though, so be prepared to work for your supper.

Magic Flight Finishing Grinder Alternative

An alternative to the Magic Flight finishing grinder is the ZAM 1.1 mini weed grinder.

This micro weed grinder is perfect for using in conjunction with the PAX, and by simply turning the mini over you can get a super fine grind for the ultimate Pax pack. 


There aren’t many options available when considering a fine grinder for the Pax 3. Focus on the purpose of the Pax, and whether your grinder helps better that experience.

If it does, if you think you get a good, deep draw from your ground weed, then you’ve found your answer.