Cool Weed Grinders - Awesome Designs and Fabulous Colors

cool weed grinderCool is an opinion, obviously. But sometimes you just look at a grinder and say, "wow". That...that or your eye-brows rise up a little bit — and in this day and age that's pretty much the same thing.

Ok, I'll just say it: Some grinders are just built different. Take a look at the thousands of grinders being sold on Amazon and Etsy and you main difference, no the sole difference, will be the illustrations on the top. That's it. But we can do better. We're going to raise the bar a little bit, those bottom-barrel basic-bitch grinders won't be making this list. Cheap-o, plastic, dog shit weed grinders won't make the list either. (though plastic grinders really aren't that bad)

Cool is Different from "Best"

What makes a weed grinder good is so heavily opinionated that I'm not going to touch that topic with a ten-foot pole. Mostly because I already did in this article on the best weed grinder brands, so please don't make me do it again. 

No, we'll be talking about another breed of grinder. The best grinders are going to focus primarily on function with the task of still making their grinders aesthetically sexy. These grinders would definitely still be considered "cool", by most people, so do please check them out, but we want to showcase a different type of grinder. Again, no, we're not talking about only function. We're talking about a combination of all-the-above. In this article we will highlight the different facts of what a "cool" grinder is and some designs that belong. Many of the grinders in this article may also appear in our top brands article, so remember to take a look there as well.

Fancy Weed Grinders

Oh, so you fancy, huh? You want that good-lookin’ bougie weed grinder that celebrities use? That grinder that makes heads turn with its awesome design, glamorous colors, and let’s be honest — expensive taste. Here are some of the most fancy weed grinders in the world.

fancy weed grindersSold Gold Weed Grinder

For just a mere $5,000, you can pick up this 14k solid gold grinder.

That’s a steal! Who can wonder how they can afford to offer a grinder for such a low price. This grinder comes with pyramid shaped pointy teeth, and if you didn’t notice the first time I said and the big bold letters — It’s made out of solid gold. You likely won’t be actually using this grinder. No, it will sit on your mantle where you can point to it to impress your friends.

They also offer a platinum weed grinder if that’s more your style.

Phoenician Gold Plated Weed Grinder

The Phoenician company also sells a gold grinder, but it’s not solid gold, so obviously not as cool. That being said, it’s still coated in 24k gold chrome. So still fancy in my book.

Edition - Solid Brass Grinders

A new chic cannabis company, Edition has a few grinders that anyone with working eyes would consider fancy. These grinders are made from solid brass and feature an amazing looking exterior. While these grinders are obviously built more for appearance than utility, they’ll still get the job done and look good doing it. 

The Paolo Grinder by LaundryDay

The Paolo grinder by LaundryDay is another grinder designed by a fashion-forward cannabis accessories company. This gold two-piece grinder looks like a clam shell and would be innocuous on any beach mom’s dining room mantle. 

Grinders for Show, Not Function

But these grinders are really just for show. There’s nothing special about them besides their look and what you should care about is both form and function. Luckily for you, I also have a list of some of the coolest weed grinders based on function. While these grinders may not all be dining room approved, they will both catch the eye and efficiently grind any dense cannabis you throw at it. Here some grinders that function just a little differently.

Grinders for Function, Not Show

Just as there are some weed grinders built for strength, some are built for speed, or mobility and adaptability in this case.

ZAM 1.1” inch Grinder

The ZAM grinder is definitely and interesting little grinder. At 1.1” inches in diameter it’s one of the skinniest weed grinders ever sold. To make best use of the small design, the center magnet was repositioned, allowing more room for weed than many larger 1.5” grinders. This invention allows the entire area of the grinding chamber to be used for placing weed, unlike other grinders where you have to carefully place weed around the magnet in case of jamming.

Lift Innovations

The lift innovations was the first weed grinder to use the horizontal blade cutting technique that is slowly being adopted by other brands. This cool looking cutting design forces weed to be sliced layer by layer like a cheese grater made from one super sharp blade. The design of the grinder is interesting as well but comes with limitations like excess parts, small loading chamber for it’s size, and overall complexity. That being said, this grinder is definitely different than others on the market and should be recognized for it’s awesome design function.

Flower Mill

There are other weed grinders on the market that use a similar type of grinding process, but the Flower Mill is quickly becoming one of the most recognized brands for their stainless steel options and overall built-quality. Unlike more standard tooth design grinders like the ZAM, the Flower Mill pressed the flower against the drop-through holes, and then serrations on either side naturally break-apart the bud.


Whether you’re looking for a cool grinder based on pure form, function, or maybe something a little in-between, don’t worry, you’ve got options to choose from. While the aesthetically pleasing grinders may catch the eye, they don’t work well if you plan to seriously use your grinder for actual grinding. Check out our other article on weed grinders to learn more before making your choice.