Check Out These Cute and Girly Weed Grinders!

girly weed grinderDiscover the cutest herb grinders that will make you want to grind your weed! In this article we’ll showcase some girly weed grinders but also some grinders that are just plain adorable. And no, we’re not going to just fill the page full of pink weed grinders, there’s more to that in highlighting the cutest grinders on the market.

Well-Known Artists and Luxury Beauty Weed Brands

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and how you view cannabis accessories is no exception. Some well-known high-fashion designers have taken it upon themselves to create luxury weed brands targeting the classy stoner who wants to keep their grinder in the open without the stigma. These brands are lovely, but also expensive.

Some of these are Verdeux, Eddie Parker, and Heirloom Stack.

Cute Grinders Aren't Giant Monstersgirly weed grinders

Is a humongous chonker of a grinder considered cute? No. Any grinder that wants to be fashionably amazing isn’t going to second as a door-stop. It should be marvelous in attraction but not hideously full of wanna-be glamour. Speaking of smaller herb grinders, check out our article on the best small weed grinder!


Ok, pink weed grinders are pretty cool, but we can find better. Sky blue and grassy light-green are also great colors that will draw the eye without following the basic basics. 

Art and Images on the Grinder.

Some of us want a little variety in our life. We want to be unique, and what better way to express that than to design your own weed grinder. While custom weed grinders are more expensive than other standard mass manufactured designs, if you really want to personalize your grinder to look the best for you, then a custom herb grinder may be the best option for you.

In the End, It’s About Finding Your Prettiest Weed Grinder

Sometimes we just need a grinder to get us through the day. We don’t need no stinking expensive weed grinder, just keep it cute and pretty and we’ll be happy. Try and imagine what your favorite image would be like. You’re going to be seeing a lot of this image, so ask yourself, “Will I get bored of this image”, "Is this the best weed grinder brands for me?? We all know the feeling of liking something one minute and then detesting it the next.