Best Finishing Weed Grinder for a Super Fine Grind

With the growth of the cannabis space, cannabis accessories have developed into a multitude of different forms and functions. Some of these devices are designed for dry herb, while others are designed for liquid concentrates. Dry herb portable vaporizers are meant to be used with flower and while some work best with a medium consistency grind, others work better with a fine pack. Sometimes a super fine pack.

What is a Finishing Grinder?

A finishing grinder takes the larger bits of weed that has been ground once finishing weed grinderalready, and then grinds the flower even more to a finer consistency.

What is a Finishing Grinder Good For?

Some portable vaporizers work better with a fine grind, but many weed grinders simply don’t produce a grind fine enough to really take advantage of the devices ability. You might think this won’t make much of a difference, but a pack with thorough air-flow is night-and-day ahead of a poorly packed, barely drawable pack.

Are There Different Types of Finishing Grinders, Why Not?

Unfortunately finishing grinders aren’t too popular because most vaporizers and the like don’t require a super fine grind. The ZAM grinder is a good choice for a finishing grinding as it’s designed to grind smaller amounts anyways. The ZAM grinder produces a fine-medium grind which many find to be perfect for portable vaporizers. Because of the small extended teeth, the ZAM is especially suited for producing a fine grind by turning the grinder upside. The ZAM also has PTFE bucket inserts so you can automatically grind into a small removable bucket.

Are Finishing Grinders Only for Vaporizers?

Generally, yes. A finishing grinder produces too fine a grind for most devices. For a standard bowl, a medium/fine grind is best. For a portable vaporizer, the range is anywhere from super fine to somewhat course. Blunts and joins work well with a more coarse grinder, and a too fine grind can completely ruin the join/blunt.

finishing weed grinder

Do you always wants a fine pack?

No. A too fine pack can prevent an easy draw. A too fine pack will feel like you’re sucking through a thick milkshake which can be annoying, not to mention tiring. We aren’t here to get winded trying to smoke a vape.


A finishing grinder is useful for some devices, but shouldn’t be used for more traditional smoking devices. Even most portable vaporizers don’t’ need a grind fine enough for a finishing, but ultimately that choice is up to you. Check out the ZAM grinder if you’re considering an all-around good grinder for vaporizers.