These 5 Features Make A Great Weed Grinder


zam fullmag stainless steel grinder

There are many different grinder designs available for sale, and after looking through countless designs they may all seem to look-alike, but watch out, they aren't.

Here's a couple features that can transform a standard looking grinder into a well-made, and highly functioning work of art.

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Five Distinguishing Features

  1. Magnet on the Wrong Side – The magnetic post (if there is one), should protrude from the lower section up.

    This is the correct position so the user knows where to place unground weed without impeding the magnet. If this magnet is covered with weed when closing, you can accidentally prevent the grinder from closing properly.

  2. Too Thin Top – To grind up that sticky-icky you might need to really grasp the grinder’s lid.

    A poorly designed grinder might have a thin lid that’s hard to grasp and therefore hard to turn. This can be especially annoying if your suffering from an ailment such as arthritis.

    Look for a grinder with a thick, easily graspable top piece.

  3. Too Many Moving Parts – Do you want a grinder with a built-in speaker? Probably not. How about one that has multiple color LEDs, vibrates, and wobbles?

    Too many functions on top of the basic requirement to grind weed will over-encumber the design with useless, gimmicky characteristics. It needs to grind and store weed well first and foremost!

  4. Long Holes – Unless you’re using a 2-piece grinder, your grinder has holes at the bottom of the grinding chamber to allow specifically sized bits to drop through.

    It can be frustrating to start grinding up some herb only to find the holes all gummed –up when you take a peek inside. A highly quality grinder will have thinned out the length of the inside of these holes.

    Imagine these holes are like a slide that each shredded piece of cannabis has to slide down.

    What would happen if this slide is long and narrow? Stuff would get stuck to the sides on the way down! But when the slide is short and wide the little bits fall through faster and easier than before.

  5. Reduction of 90 degree Angles – Sometimes a right angle is simply unavoidable, but limiting the number of wedges found in the grinder will prevent stray bits of flower and kief from building up. This build-up will eventually cause your grinder to function poorly.

    By reducing the number or rights angles where the teeth intersect with the floor, and the floor with side of the grinding chamber, cannabis naturally falls into the path of the teeth and the holes.

    This also means that when you grind up a gram, you get a gram in the chamber, not .9! Don’t leave any behind, every bit counts!

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