Grinder Coins for Maximum Kief Collection

What’s the Purpose of a Grinder Coin?

The grinder coin is an age-old trick, or tool, used to increase the amount of kief collected from a weed grinder. This is done by knocking the kief off both the flower itself, and the kief that has grinder coin in weed grindercollected on the grinder’s screen. But there’s more. The “kief coin”, as it’s often referred to, prevents build up along the screen, keeping it clean and increasing the amount of kief collected two-fold. This sounds trivial, but kief is a precious commodity that shan’t be wasted!

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What Type of Coins are Used?

A small, hard object is best used as a “kief coin”. Of course, you probably shouldn’t have trouble finding a spare coin laying around. Even a spare penny will work.

Alternative to the Coin

If you want to step your game up, there are other more durable, more stylish materials available to help boost your kief collection.

Glass Marble

A glass marble is often used as a kief coin replacement. Some people find a marble knocks kief off better than a coin. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of a glass marble vs coin, but the glasszam grinder kief coin marble definitely wins in the “style” category. Speaking of style, check out these stylish weed grinders.

Steel Ball

A growing desire for steel weed grinders from the fear of aluminum has also found its way into something so mundane as the grinder coin. But it makes sense. A coin is going to be rustling-around like crazy in your grinder, and that could cause some decent nicks here and there. A steel ball is not going to fracture.

A small steel ball would be the best grinder coin for the ZAM 1.1” inch grinder. This skinny grinder won’t function correctly with any U.S currency coin. A steel ball however, will work just fine.



Trichomes are the sticky, thc-filled things we like to add to our bowl-packs for a little extra kick. The problem is a cannabis grinder’s screen can easily clog from bunched trichomes condensed together. This is also known as grinder hash. A grinder coin will help prevent that clog while simultaneously increasing the amount of kief you collect in your grinder. Still, some grinders collect kief better than others. Check out this list of the best selling name brand grinders currently on the market.