Why You Need a Grinder With Concentrate Storage Capabilities

The cannabis world has exploded with new products. From new strains to dab bongs, the list is constantly growing. This is true with the actual consumables too. Ten years ago it was significantly more difficult to find and buy concentrates, but with the growing list of states recreationally legalizing cannabis, that has thankfully gotten easier. But this has changed consumer’s habits in terms of what they’re smoking.

concentrates container with grinder

Growth of Concentrates, Edibles, and Lotions

Ten years ago, cannabis flower had a market share close to 90%-95%, but that has quickly deteriorated as a result of increased access to concentrates and a growing interest in the different forms of cannabis overall. People can digest THC, inhale THC, and even absorb it through the skin with cannabis lotions.

So why are most weed grinders only built for flower? The need for grinding weed is obvious, but what about concentrates? Many dry-herb vaporizers are built to use both flower and wet material (concentrates). So doesn’t it make sense for grinders to adapt to be able to satisfy both needs?

ZAM Grinder Built for Concentrates

The ZAM grinder was designed with that purpose in mind. The PTFE cups in the grinder are chemically inert, non-stick, and designed to comfortably carry concentrates on you. A unique chamber above the grinder’s teeth provides a chamber for storing cannabis flowers, and then the PTFE bucket is inserted if you want something for concentrates. This additional chamber is air-tight, water-tight, too. So you don’t have to worry about your concentrates changing form and turning from shatter, to butter.

Store Multiple Types of Weed Strains                                                                  

You have easy access to multiple strains of cannabis, so why only carry one? Most of the time people say it’s because they don’t want to carry a bunch of little containers with them — it’s just not worth it for most people. But what if you could easily carry multiple strains at once?  

The ZAM grinder was designed to be modular, so the sections are rearrangeable. Want to carry more than one strain, and carry concentrates in your grinder? No problem.

Ergonomic and Easily Accessible

Our pockets are only so large, we need to prioritize what we take on our way out the door. Rather than carrying a bunch of easily losable, non-air-tight containers, why not just carry one device designed to slip into your pocket? At only 1.1” in diameter, the ZAM grinder is the perfect pocket weed grinder to take with you.

Reduce the Size as Needed

The ZAM grinder is already a mini grinder, but it can go even smaller if needed. Take the storage container out and you get a super ZAM mini that’s only 2.2” tall and still only 1.1” wide! And the concentrate storage section is still there! A mini grinder with air-tight, water-tight storage, anyone?


Buying a grinder with storage for concentrates can level-up your game. The next time you’re heading over to a friend’s house and you can’t decide whether to take flower, concentrates, or both, think about how the ZAM 1.1” grinder could solve your pains!