How to Use a Weed Grinder

A weed grinder isn't complicated, so this won't be long. But there are a couple tips and tricks that could save you from frustration later down the road. So let's get to it.

First Step: Placing the Weed in the Grinder

how to use a weed grinderThe first and most basic step is simply putting your weed in your grinder. Cannabis comes in densely packed sections often called "buds". A bud is essentially the fruit of weed. Relative to the size of your grinder, break up the bud into smaller chunks so it can be placed inside the grinder. Smush the weed into the spokes, spikes, so the lid is still able to securely close.

Many grinders have a magnet placed directly in the center with a post on the corresponding section that often gets in the way. That is, unless you have a ZAM grinder that re-designed the center magnet into a ring that sits on the outside circumference. Check out these other top tier weed grinds to see the best name brand grinders currently available on the market.

Second Step: Grinding Your Weed

Ok, so you bud has been divided and evenly placed around the teeth/spikes inside the grinding chamber. Now let's grind some weed.

Grab the lid and twist, usually with a quick left-right motion to break up any larger chunks, and then either a continuous rotation of the same direction, or more quick bursts left and right. Some have different opinions on which method works best, but this really depends on the density/humidity of the weed you're currently grinding. Dense, super stick weed, will need a little more 'oomph and more quick left-right motions while dry, less dense weed will often grind and then fall-through with ease almost regardless of your twisting method.

What Happens if There Is Bud Stuck in the Grinder?

If you're using a lower quality grinder, or if you've over-stuffed your herb grinder, your weed might get stuck between the teeth and your grinder will be unable to grab and dis as normal. The easiest way to fix this is to simply give your grind a little tappy tappy using your hand or the grinder's lid. But if you have a super nice grinder dripping in aesthetically pleasing colors, you might not want that little ding or mark on your grinder. In that case a tooth pick or some other small objects should be used to poke the weed out of place so it can be ground.


Third Step: Collect The Bountiful Beautiful Ground Weed

You've done all the hard work, now it's time to reap the benefits. If you have a two-piece grinder then your weed will be in the same chamber as the teeth.

If you have a 3-piece, or 4-piece, then your bud has collected in the storing chamber. Weed grinders with storage are great to easily organize your bud while keeping it safe from the outside elements. What About the Screen at the Bottom? If you have a 4-piece grinder, then you'll find a screen at the bottom of your collection chamber with another section accessible below it. This screen is used to filter out the trichomes that inadvertently fall off your weed during use. Want to discover the best weed grinders for collection kief? These trichomes will collect in your fourth chamber, and when enough has been sifted into a pile, this is called your kief.


Using a weed grinder isn't hard. Simply place your weed in the grinder's teeth and turn the lid. Once your weed has been ground sufficiently, simply open the chamber where the weed has collected and you're ready to go. There are caveats to using a weed grinder, but nothing so important that you would need to second guess your ability. Having one of the best weed grinders would help, too.