Why You Need a Non-Stick Grinder

Cannabis is a sticky substance that comes in a dense pack of flower often referred to as a bud. We need to break this down into smaller chunks so that heat evenly passes through the weed. This is done with a weed grinder, and you have many different types to choose from, but there’s one attribute that most cannabis users look out for — non-stick.

Different Types of Non-Stick Weed Grinders

This is such a common desirable trait that brands that aren’t non-stick will advertise being so anyway, much to the detriment of the buyer. The truth is “non-stick” grinders are somewhat new, and there are different types of non-stick grinders.

Ceramic Coated Grinders

Similar to a ceramic frying pan, some non-stick grinders are coated in ceramic to prevent that annoying layer of condensed weed from forming. This dense layer squished cannabis is often referred to as “grinder hash”. Ceramic grinders sound great, but there are some issues with the ceramic grinders. The surface material of the weed grinder is the most important attribute in determining anti-stick abilities, but this non-stick coating can make the grinder less smooth as ceramic is inherently more rough than metal.

Anodized Grinders

Any high quality grinders, and all of the best weed grinders on the market, are going to be anodized if made from aluminum. Anodizing a grinder makes the surface stronger as well as smoother, eliminating micro fissures weed can collect into.

Where Do Grinders Normally Start Sticking?  

While there are many different grinder designs, cannabis starts to build up in many of the same spots. Some of these spots won’t cause any issue with your grinder functioning correctly, but others will be vital to the continued normal-use of your grinder.

The most important, and therefore most annoying area cannabis builds is on the outside circumference of the middle grinding chamber. When this area builds up with grinder hash, your grinder will be more difficult to turn. Some people simply don’t care about this. They’ve used the same grinder from their local gas station for the last five years and they’ve never considered cleaning their grinder.

anti stick weed grinderBut if you have any sort of medical condition, or if you just like your tools to work smoothly as they’re supposed to, then cleaning your grinder may become a regular thing. Ceramic non stick grinders can definitely help with this, but you’ll still need to clean your grinder eventually if you want it to continue working well.

Along The Teeth

While build-up on your grinder’s teeth isn’t too much of a problem, it can dull the spikes/blades and make using the grinder more difficult. The more build-up in your grinder, the easier it is for more weed to get stuck to the existing bits, therefore exacerbating the problem.


A non-stick grinder is great at preventing grinder hash from building up and will help keep your grinder running smoothly. While ceramic grinders are a relatively new type of weed grinder, people’s hatred for cleaning their grinders has led to their growing popularity. Looking for a list of the best weed grinders?