Cheap Plastic Weed Grinders

Sometimes you simply don’t need a more expensive weed grinder. You need your weed ground, you don’t care if it’s difficult, you’ll pound through that wet sticky weed with nothing but the hair on your chest, and the bronze in your blood. That’s cool, we’ve got options for you. Not ZAM, we don’t make plastic weed grinders, but there are a couple of decent options on the market with a few fan favorites that should be your top considerations for a plastic herb grinder.

plastic weed grinder

Why Buy Plastic Weed Grinders?

I answered most of the that in the question above, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly the cost. Plastic weed grinders don’t work better than metal, and they definitely don’t stay as clean. The main benefit for using a plastic weed grinder is that it’s essentially disposable. Again, not as recyclable as a metal grinder, but not the end of the world either…yet.

To sum it all up: you’re looking for a plastic weed grinder because you want something disposable and cheap. It doesn’t need to be the best grinder on the market, it just needs to work decently well. But hey, just because you aren’t willing to drop $50 buckaroos on a name brand grinder doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor quality plastic grinder. A little background research and you can get one of the best.

What Do Plastic Weed Grinders Cost?                

A plastic weed grinder costs anywhere from $1 - $15. The $1 grinder will be that gas station grinder oddly placed near the cashier like a children’s candy. It likely won’t have a magnet keeping the grinder together and who the hell knows where or who made it. But it’ll work.

The $15 grinder will be name brand (Unless you’re getting cheated) and should work decently well. Rather than focusing on the grind quality, a plastic grinder of this quality will likely have a magnet keeping the lid on, and maybe will have a kief screen.

Everything in between will have somewhat of the above. The two-piece plastic grinders are a cheap grinder brand favorite so you’ll find them everywhere whether they’re worth it or not.

Plastic Vs Metal Weed Grinders

There are a number of advantages to a metal weed grinder, especially one made of at least anodized 6061 aluminum. Zinc and low quality aluminum can have issues. The main difference between a plastic weed grinder and a metal weed grinder is the grind quality, ability to stay clean, and overall life span of the grinder. But with a $5-$10 grinder, who really cares? If you care little for a good grinder, a plastic grinder might be right for you.

If you want better, consider checking out these stainless steel weed grinders

The Health Aspect of Choosing Plastic

There is a health aspect at play when considering a plastic weed grinder or low quality aluminum grinder. While weed grinders are extremely useful, they do wear down. One of the main allures of a higher quality grinder is a lesser chance of aluminum dust or metal shavings in your weed. A plastic grinder has the problem, but with micro plastic pieces. Which would you rather smoke, metal shavings or plastic shavings? If your answer is neither, then consider a weed grinder that’s at least made from anodized aluminum 6061

Best Plastic Weed Grinders

Just as there are high quality aluminum or metal weed grinders, there are a couple of plastic grinders that have made a name for themselves. Brands generally don’t innovate in the plastic grinder space, but Medtainer has, and they’ve created one of the best plastic weed grinders yet. Storz and Bickle on the other-hand has an outstanding reputation for it’s grinding ability and simple use, and for a plastic weed grinder that’s a pretty big deal.