Weed Grinder Screen Sizes Explained

clogged weed grinder screenWeed grinder screens are used to filter and collect kief, the trichomes which have fallen off the already-ground bud. You can get a screen that’s best for coarse, medium, and fine results. Whether the screen is best for coarse kief, or fine, is determined by the size of the holes. The units of measurement we use to compare screens are called “microns”, and the larger the hole, the smaller the micron size. So a screen that’s 60 microns would allow larger bits through the screen compared to a 120 micron screen.

Understanding the micron size for cannabis grinder screens and how they affect the amount/quality is important if you want to maximize the amount of kief you want to collect and also if you want only the purest golden kief.

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A Coarse Kief Screen for Maximum Kief

The larger the holes in the screen, the more kief that gets filtered through, but that also means letting some plant matter through. This is a necessary sacrifice if you want the most amount of kief. Look for a screen with around a 60 micron screen if this is what you want. Depending on the strain you might have a greenish tint to your kief. If you’re looking for the purest stuff, read on.

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A Fine Kief Screen for The Purest Kief

On the other-hand, if you want to make sure only the finest golden kief makes it way through, then a finer screen is what you want. Look for a 150 micron screen if you still want to collect kief, but only the good stuff.


Another important aspect often forgotten but important none-the-less is the maintenance or upkeep required to keep your grinder’s screen clean and working at 100%. It can take some time to build-up a good amount of kief, and it’s annoying to only see a dusting when you’re expecting a substantial pile.

You can certainly clean your screen, but many people simple don’t do that. If you’re that person, then consider getting a coarser screen. It’s harder for material to build-up and clog the pores, and it’s easier to knock any loose material that might have stubbornly held on.

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Though many people would probably prefer to filter only the purest kief, the regularity to which you might have to clean your screen can make it a turn-off to some. A medium screen can be a good choice if you want a little bit of both worlds. That medium screen – around 100 microns – is the standard kief screen size found in most grinders. While it still produces a decent amount of kief, it also clogs less. 


The kief screen at the bottom of your grinder filters the trichomes (kief) that build-up in the bottom of weed grinders. The screen comes in multiple sizes measured in microns which will determine whether your screen is more coarse or fine. A Coarse grinder will produce impure kief, the most overall amount, and clog the least. A finer grinder will produce the purest kief, a lower overall amount, and clog more.  

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