Where to Buy a Weed Grinder?

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But there are multiple other options available. There are many different brands of weed grinders, and each of these brands has a manufacturer’s website. This is one place, and generally the best place to purchase grinders.

where to buy weed grinder3rd Party Online Headshops

Next you have online headshops like SmokeCartel. These are large shops that carry multiple brands and have a large collection of cannabis products overall. If you aren’t sure what brand of grinder you want, a 3rd party ecommerce store is probably your best choice.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Last is brick and mortar stores. These are shops that have a physical location, and depending on where you live, these might be pretty far. Not only that, but brick and mortar headshops usually have higher prices and a limited variety of grinders. The main benefit is being able to actually see, hold, and play around with your grinder before actually buying it. This shouldn’t be underestimated, as you can tell a lot about a grinder simply by holding it.

There’s a Difference Between Tobacco Stores & Headshops & Gas Stations

Tobacco Stores

You can definitely find some grinders in tobacco stores. You’ll notice the difference because the merchandise will be more catered towards tobacco users. Rolling tobacco can require a grinder too, but these grinders will generally be low quality zinc.


These are the shops you should look for if you’re looking for a quality weed grinder. These shops are designed to sell merchandise for smoking and vaping cannabis. While some states will have rules against using terms like “bong”, and “weed”, it’s implied that you’ll be using their products for weed. These headshops are vastly more inclined in carrying name brand, good grinders. That being said these stores are usually more expensive that online stores carrying the same merchandise. Pay attention to local sales and you can snag grinders for super cheap, especially on holidays like Black Friday, and 4/20.

Gas Station

I hesitate to even include gas stations in the list, because unless you are desperate, you shouldn’t buy a grinder from a gas station unless you’re looking for a cheap plastic grinder. If you can even find a metal grinder from a gas station, it will be a low quality zinc version that sell for $10. It is a gas station after all.

Online Exchanges

Some more notable weed grinder brands can be pretty expensive. If you find yourself looking for one of these grinders but can’t handle the stick price, try r/entexchange to buy a used grinder. There are obviously some complications to consider when using a private exchange, but r/entexchange shouldn’t be underestimated on weed grinder deals.

Will the Price Change Depending on the Type of Store?

Yes. While some manufactures will have MSRP for 3rd party retailers, this isn’t always respected. These 3rd party ecommerce stores also require pretty high margins which results in inflated prices so both sides can make money. The best place to find consistently good prices is the manufacturer’s website, but for catching bottom-dollar deals you’ll need to pay attention to the other retailers.

Stainless steel herb grinders are the hardest grinder type to find. There are only a couple brands that even sell stainless steel herb grinder, so you likely won't be able to find these in headshops. 


You can buy a weed grinder from brick and mortar stores like gas stations and smoke shops, online 3rd party retailers, or the manufacturer’s websites themselves. While the manufacture’s website may have consistent prices, to find the best deals you’ll need to watch out for holiday deals from 3rd party websites.