Why Use A Grinder for Weed?

At the end of the day, you don’t absolutely have to use a weed grinder. But there a couple of major benefits, let’s go through them.

Uniform and Thorough burn

After using a shitty weed grinder, or breaking apart some weed with your hands, have you ever noticed the big chunks of weed are always the last to be charred/vaporized? This is because the heat can’t reach the center of the nuggets and therefore doesn’t burn/vaporize. By cutting up the weed into smaller pieces, the finer consistency allows the heat to evenly reach the center and outside of the cannabis, resulting in a more thorough and uniform burn.

You’re supposed to smoke it, not smother your hands in it.

This will matter more to those privileged enough to consumer a higher grade cannabis, but for those wanting to get the most out of your weed, this still applies.

herb grinder benefitsThat sticky-icky on your fingers? That’s what you want to be smoking. By using a grinder rather than your hands you preserve the trichomes that would ultimately be found on your fingertips. Lick those finger tips all you want Pony Boy, it’s not helping.

Save Time

Picking apart cannabis can be a lengthy process, especially if you plan to roll a joint or a blunt. more smoking, less picking – Using a grinder saves time.



Safe Place to Store Cannabis from the Elements

Weed starts to degrade once it comes in contact with oxygen or sunlight. So once that pretty ol’ nug is now a goopy pile of shredded leaves, you’ll want some place to preserve the good stuff while you amp yourself up to repack the bowl.

Some grinders, like the ZAM grinder, have five compartments rather than the standard 3-piece, or 4-piece grinders. This allows you to store your weed in an air-tight, water-tight compartment so it doesn’t degrade after you’ve ground it all up.

The Golden Goodness that is Kief

The last reason and one of the most important benefits and reasons why you should use a grinder, is the collection of kief. Kief is the term used to describe trichomes that have fallen off and then piled together.

weed trichomes

When you grind cannabis these super small trichomes fall off and settle at the bottom of the container. A weed grinder with a kief screen will sift or filter out the kief into a bottom tray allowing you to store it up and add it your sessions later for a special kick.

This kief is very potent, more potent than the weed your smoking/vaping on. To use an anology: if cannabis flower is a beer, the kief would be a shot. For those wondering, a dab would be like taking a shot of absinthe to the green-eyed uninitiated.

Looking for a grinder that collects a lot of kief? Check our collection of weed grinders.