StashCann - ZAM Grinders
StashCann - ZAM Grinders
StashCann - ZAM Grinders
StashCann - ZAM Grinders


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All metal/ptfe bucket inserts sold out. 

The 1.1" wide ZAM StashCann is the ultimate portable vaporizer accessory designed to facilitate the use of any stem-load vaporizer. Carry multiple strains in one device, de-bowl, tamp, and then reload with this air-tight, pocket-worthy, StashCann. 

Combine sections in the order you want. Three de-bowler sections? You got it. One big storage section and two de-bowlers? We've got you covered. Combine with the ZAM 1.1" pocket grinder for even more unique combinations.

The StashCann is Comprised of Five Pieces

  • The cap (magnet on the top, tamper underneath)
  • Two identical storage containers (designed to hold one insert. Male threading on top separated by a divider, with female threading underneath. Exterior diamond surface texture)
  • A connecting¬†tube. Male threading on the top and female threading on the bottom. Same part as on 1.1" pocket grinder.
  • Last: the final bottom small tray. Same part as 1.1" pocket grinder

StashCann Features

  • 4¬†air-tight sections that can fit 3¬†inserts. ¬†
  • Metal & Teflon de-bowler and bucket inserts available.¬†
  • Strong diametric 17mm N52 de-capper cooling magnet built into the¬†cap.¬†
  • Filleted tamper¬†underneath the cap
  • Modular¬†design -¬†combine sections in the order you want
  • Designed for vaporizers like the Dynavap, Dani, Anvil, Stunner
  • Weighs 2.1oz,¬†
  • 1.1" x 3.8" (28mm x 97mm)

Want more information? Here's an article describing the StashCann's features.