The Best Container for Portable Vaporizers

In recent years, a number of companies have risen to compete with the Dynavap in the stem-loaded, butane powered, dry-herb vaporizer niche. There are many different stem makers for these devices, but only a few have innovated on the actual chamber/heating design.

zam stashcann for portable vaporizers

These are those brands:

If you’re looking for a small, portable vaporizer that doesn’t require a battery and is extremely efficient, then most of these vaporizers will do. But they all share the same problems too, which the ZAM stash Cann has solved.

Extremely Strong Cooling Magnet in the Cap

If you’re reading this article, you probably have some idea of how these devices work. You heat the cap until it reaches a certain temperature, then inhale the result. But these devices all have a cool down period where the cap is hot enough to scar if touched. So you need some place to easily place it down.

zam magnet container dynavapOn top of the Stash Cann is a custom 17mm N52 diametric magnet that’s designed to be a landing place for your device to cool off. Neodymium magnets range from N35-N52, so these are literally the strongest possible magnets possible for the size. And it’s diametrically magnetized so your Dynavap cap is pulled to the same center spot every time.

This means a faster cooling time, too. If you want to quickly reload your device, the Stash Cann is the way to do it.

Tamper Underneath the Cap

After reloading your device, you might want to tamp down the contents so you get a consistent draw. Underneath the cap is a small nub for tampering down the material.

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Portability and Air-Tight Storage

The purpose is portability, efficiency, and flavor. If you want to be portable, then you’ll need a way to carry your ground weed around with you without broadcasting that fact to everyone around you. You want to be able to open up your bag without getting slammed in the face with the dank smell of your stash.

The ZAM Stash Cann has multiple air-tight sections with rubber o-rings, so you can carry multiple strains without worry of the smell escaping. Go where you want, carry what you need.

De-bowl and Reload Easily

You’ll need to empty the AVB, too, just like any other bowl — and the ZAM Stash Cann has you covered. Any of the sections can be turned in to a de-bowler with the optional metal/Teflon inserts. Easily remove and store AVB in one section while reloading from another.

dynavap air tight containerCustomization

The sections can be rearranged if you want more/less space. Make the stash smaller and smaller until it’s practically unnoticeable or keep adding sections to fit your needs.

There’s a grinder, too. Check out the ZAM 1.1” pocket grinder if you’re looking for a grinder add-on. The sections all fit together, so there are too many variations to list.


The ZAM Stash Cann is the best container for stem-load vaporizers like the Dynavap. It provides all the necessary functions you need to maximize your portable experience. So, stop worrying about burning a hole in yourself or your carpet, and get a StashCann!