List of the Best Bong Brands

When you’re thinking about buying a bong, you want a well-built piece with great air-flow, durability, and aesthetics that will stun your friends — and your best choice would be a name brand bong. You’ll want to look for brands that have an established history, are often seen in the media, and have an overall profound reputation for exciting, new, and useful features. We all want something different and the “best” may change depending on the situation, cost, appearance, size, perks, and a host of other minute characteristics.

Here are some of the most important characteristics to consider:

best bong


Probably the easiest characteristic that you’ll be able to whittle down is the bong’s size or overall height. Smaller bongs prevent multiple perks and easier to store and carry, while larger bongs provide the opportunity for monster hits, multiple perks, and glamour. There are tiny bongs less than 6 inches in height and there are gigantic 4 footers that will wow any passer-bys.  


Perks are what we call the additional filtration systems built-in to the bong. These perks will help cool the smoke and prevent tar from passing into your lungs. The only real downside to a park is that it can increase the draw resistance, or the feeling like your drinking from a thick milkshake. These perks can also be fragile, so a fall that doesn’t break the tube but breaks the more fragile inner perks can still permanently disable your bong.


Another straight forward characteristic when considering the best bong is material type. While glass is the most popular choice, there is also acrylic, silicone, wood, ceramic, and just recently metal.

Overall Shape

Bongs come in all shapes, from angular sharp zongs to more bulky round ones. But the base of the bongs themselves only differ in a few ways.

  •                 Beaker Base – The oldest, and most common shape.
  •                 Spherical – Another common shape similar to the beaker bong.
  •                 Standard Tube Shape – Rather than a voluminous bottom, the standard shape is as if the thin bong extends all the way to the floor, and then a flat disc shape is used to keep the bong upright.

Glass Thickness

– Another important characteristic is the thickness of the glass. The thicker the glass, the more expensive the bong, and less likely it will break. This is one of the most important attributes if you find yourself clumsily kicking your bongs over, or if you often have company or pets. An indestructible bong is often advertised if your bong is 10mm in thickness while standard water pipes are 5mm in thickness.

Now that you know the general types and various features you have to choose from, this is a list of the best brands so you can narrow down your search even further .


  1. Diamond Glass
  2. Maverick Glass
  3. Bougie Glass
  4. Empire Glass Works
  5. Marley Natural
  6. Mothership
  7. Gravlabs
  8. Eyce
  9. AFM
  10. HVY
  11. Bear Mountain Studios
  12. Illadepth
  13. Roor
  14. AMG
  15. Zob
  16. Zong
  17. Pounds
  18. Waxmaid


You have plenty of brands to choose from, and many of them have their own specialties. From colorful, thick and delicious, to exciting, new and functional — the list goes on. If you aim to buy a name brand bong, be prepared to pay for it. But don’t underestimate the value of a bong off DHgate, Alibaba, and Aliexpress, they’re not bad for the price.