Best Fun Bong for Parties

The best bong to bring to a party can go one of two ways. You can go the safe route with an indestructible bong, or you can go the dangerous route with a bong designed for fun, designed to attract attention.  You’re going to be hitting a bong at the end of the day, so that’s good.

party bongThe Indestructible Bong

The bong that won’t break when you’re stupid, drunk friend kicks it over. Yeah, talking to you, David. There are a couple of these thick pieces available for sale, but they are generally limited in size and perks. Indestructible bongs generally advertise 8mm-10mm thick glass, which is strong enough to survive almost any drop. We made an indestructible giant 30 inch bong! Check it out!

The Dangerous Party Bong

So you’re having people over and you want to get something that will grab the attention of everyone near-by. Well then you need one of our 4 foot glass bongs. You read that correctly, we sell giant ass bongs that will easily provide the type of fun you’re looking for. These reckless ladies are perfect if you want to surprise people with something they’ve never seen before.  

Who Wants to Hit a 4 Foot Bong? 

What happens when you gather a crowd of people and introduce them the possibility of trying to hit a 4 foot glass bong? You get a giant line, that’s what. It doesn’t matter if it’s practical, it’s just fun to hit. It’s so fun to hit, that you’ll need a second person to light it. That is, unless you have the wingspan of a gorilla. But that just makes it even more fun. The buddy system makes you grab the closest person and attempt to showcase your teamwork and daring as you clear as much as possible.

Not That Hard to Clear

It’s really not that hard to clear. Don’t get me wrong, you have to put some oomph behind it, but anybody can do it. The question is if you want to. The larger the breath, the more your lungs expand and the more effective the hit. People underestimate these bongs thinking the same amount of smoke will provide the same effects. What they don’t realize is they had to expand their lungs twice as much as normal before the smoke even enters their body.  

ZAM Bong Cleared by Famous WeedTubers

Some of the most famous weedtubers have hit the ZAM party bong, and if anyone, you can trust their opinion. This thing rips. Check out some of these 4 foot bong videos here.