Ceramic Bongs for the Modern Smoker

What are Ceramic bongs?

Ceramic bongs are bongs made of ceramic, which is clay, a material you're likely familiar with. 

What’s the Purpose of a Ceramic Bong?

ceramic bongThey look nicer than your average stoner-looking glass and can be stored in the open, rather than hidden from disapproving eyes. These bongs often resemble a piece of art more than a smoking tool. Not that they don’t’ look cool, these bongs simply look more modern and help to make a statement that you smoke as a hobby, not as a lifestyle.

Ceramic Bongs vs Glass

There isn’t much a difference besides durability, and a ceramic bong isn’t going to be that much stronger than a glass bong. It will be stronger than the 4 foot glass bong we sell, but not our 30inch 9mm thick bong. The main benefit of a ceramic bong is the style.

Are Ceramic Bongs Safe?

Ceramic bongs are safe if they’re made with lead-free materials. This isn’t much of a problem ordering from well-known manufacturers, but you should still watch out. Don’t buy any ceramic pieces from Alibaba or other untrustworthy sources.

How to Make a Ceramic Bong? 

Best Ceramic Bongs

There are a number or different ceramic bong brands on the market. While these bongs aren’t functionally different than each other, they are distinctly aesthetically unique. And at the end of the day, a ceramic bong is purchased for style rather than function.

A glass bong will work just as well as a ceramic, and also cost half the price. Ceramic is relatively new material used to make bongs, so while these new chic bongs gain popularity, it’s likely prices will stay high.

Where to Buy Ceramic Bongs?

  • Summerland is a new stylish line of ceramic bongs catered towards the fashionably alert crowd.
  • Ceramic Smokeware sells a beautiful set of ceramic bongs and pipes.
  • BRNT sell a Hexagonal Ceramic bong that has a more modern style

Ceramic bongs are a rather new type of bong that’s going to be hard to find unless you’re looking online. Headshops generally rely on wholesale orders to build inventory, and there aren’t any major brands capable of supplying wholesale pricing yet.

How Much do Ceramic Bongs Cost?

The cheapest ceramic bongs are going to cost $100-$150, and these bongs are on the smaller side compared to glass. Watch out for holiday deals on 4/20 and Black Friday if you’re keen on getting the best price possible.

Ceramic Bongs With a Tray

Ceramic Bongs with a tray are available if you want to store your weed in a little dish in front of the bowl.

Vintage Ceramic Bongs

It’s the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw things back to the good old days. It’s interesting that ceramic bongs have adopted the old vintage look, rather than the more modern flashy standard of today. There are of course ceramic bongs designed to attract attention with garish design, but most are a classic style with subtle colors and simple design.