Cheap Bongs Under $25 That Will Wow You

There are thousands of different bong designs and many of those can be expensive, like our 4 foot bongs, but some of us are just looking for something manageable and easy. We don’t plan to keep the bong for ten years, we don’t plan to pass it down to our children. It’s not an heirloom that we really cherish, we’re just looking for a cheap, easy to use bong for less than $25 that will get the job done.

Important Features

You’re definitely limited in choices with such a low budget, but that doesn’t mean glass bong under $25you have to settle for trash. The main choice you’re going to have to make is glass vs plastic. There aren’t many glass bongs for this cheap, but very simple designs are still available.

Glass bongs for this low cost are going to have to have simple straight-forward features. No amazing perks that change colors and make whizzing noises.

DH Gate & Aliexpress

The unfortunate truth that most won’t tell you is the best option for finding a bong this quality is direct from a manufacturer — a  Chinese manufacturer. Beggars can’t be choosers, and while you have choices, if you’re going to find the best bong for under $25 you’ll have to settle for a mass manufactured bong.

Even a mass manufactured glass bong from the United States is going to be too much unfortunately. There are also plastic bongs to keep in mind, but these are pretty much the low of the low when it comes to any bong.

But here are a couple acrylic choices, which is a type of plastic that all plastic bongs are made from.

Something unfortunate and cheap about plastic bongs are that they generally comes with a metal bowl. While metal bowls aren’t as good as glass, they’re good enough, and that’s what we’re all about if you’re gotten this far in the article.

Characteristics of a Plastic Bong

  • Metal Bowl
  • Avoid rubber boots
  • Plastic bongs gather resin faster

plastic bong under $25Something else you should watch out for is a rubber boot. People looking for a plastic bong generally aren’t too picky, but that doesn’t mean you should even consider a bong with a rubber boot. You’re already inhaling water with resin in, why would you make the water even grossing by having it settle against some rubber. Nothing like rubber and resin to make the old lungs feel chipper!

Plastic bongs also gather resin on the plastic itself faster, that’s one of the main reasons people choose glass over plastic. Besides being easily replaceable, the only real benefit to a plastic bong is how relatively unbreakable they are, and even then, they’re only $25, so who cares!


When considering a cheap bong under $25, you don’t have many choices. You’ve got basic glass bongs without perks, without size, and without being made in America. They’re going to be mass manufactured, and it’s unlikely it will be a real name brand bong.

And then you’ve got plastic bongs that will be your cheapest option. They’re replaceable, will have a metal bowl, and you should absolutely avoid any bong with a rubber boot, no matter how cheap. That’s the gist. There are a host of better options if you raise your budget to bongs under $50.