Hotbox Your Face With a Gas Mask Bong

Hotboxing is a special event. Whether it’s in a car or in the tent in the backyard, there’s something great about seeing how much smoke you can inhale relative to oxygen. Who needs oxygen anyway? THC full air is the only thing we need breathe, and there’s no better device to test your limits than a gask mask bong.

gas mask bongWhat is a Gas Mask Bong?

A gas mask bong looks like a standard gas mask, however there’s a hole underneath the mouth where you can attach a bong tube. No longer do you have to worry about excess smoke leaking away, no longer do you have to worry about rolling a giant blunt to succeed with your hotbox. One bong rip and your hotbox helmet will be full of smoke. Go from stone cold sober to uncomfortably high in moments, just like you wanted.   

These crazy weed gas masks would be the best novelty gadget for a fun night with the boys. Circle around like a member of the That 70’s gang and see who can keep the mask on the longest. If you're looking for the best bong for parties, you have a couple options available. 

Different Types of Gas Mask Bongs

A gas mask is the living, breathing embodiment of a novelty cannabis accessory. It’s not something you’ll use often, but when you need it, it’s great to have around. There are only a couple different types of gas mask bongs available for sale — one with a built-in bong piece, and one without. 

  1. Built-in plastic bong piece
  2. Gas mask with bong port.

NFL Players Getting Caught 

Despite cannabis’s rapid legalization and overall general acceptance from US citizens, the NFL still prohibits the use of cannabis. Two players, Trevor Lawrence, and Laremy Tunsil, learned this the hard way after getting caught with a gas mask bong.

Alternative Designs

While these designs haven’t been adopted as products for sale, their unique design should be noted. These hotbox helmets are designed to pump weed into the helmet rather than through the use of a bong. A small leaf blower and a custom homemade bowl can make these helmets just ridiculous fun.