Halloween Bongs – From Costumes to Scary Glass

When you were young and the world was new, you wanted to dress up as a fireman, super hero, or some other awesome character — now you want to dress up as a bong. How the world changes. Here are some Halloween bong costumes for you, because you can’t settle for something lame. Go dress up as a banana if you want that.  

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bong costume

Halloween costume bong

best bong costume



Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, and for all themes. As Halloween approaches some of us might think about celebrating in a different way. No more tricks, but lots of treats if you get my drift. Here are some spooky looking Halloween bongs to bring out that festive mood. Want more? Check out Moldy Creations for other scary pieces. 

halloween-costume-bongscary bonghalloween bong scary