List of $100 Weed Grinders

There are expensive weed grinders, and then there are weed grinders priced over $100 dollars.

These grinders have been professionally designed with a focus on machining to precise tolerances, and are made from high grade anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

Aluminum Grinders Over $100

  • Brilliant Cut Grinder
  • Qubus Grinder
  • Lift Innovations
  • Space Case
  • Phoenician
100 dollar stainless steel grinder

Stainless Steel Grinders Over $100

Every brand that sells stainless steel grinders has an option that’s $100 or over.

To save us both the time, please refer back to this article that lists all brands that sell stainless steel grinders.

But also, check out the grinders we sell

What Makes a Grinder Worth $100?

A combination of: material type/quality, size, design, and manufacturing location makes up the cost of a $100 weed grinder.

100 dollar weed grinder

For material, as mentioned earlier, you have either aluminum 6061 or aluminum 7075, and all of these will be anodized making the surface scratch resistant. Even the silver version will have been anodized.

Then you have stainless steel grinders which can easily be over $100. Check out this article for a list of brands selling stainless steel grinders.

Material Cost + Difficult to CNC = More Expensive

For size, that’s obvious. The bigger the grinder, the more material and time to CNC, the more expensive the grinder. The ZAM 2.5” stainless steel grinder is $100, while our 1.8” stainless steel is $70, and our steel grinders are relatively cheaper than many others out there on the market.

Check out this article on determining grinder quality.

Innovation Influences Price

ZAM $100 stainless steel weed grinderDesign is where things get interesting.

At the end of the day many of us simply want a well-built grinder, but others want the newest design, the cutting-edge modification that will supposedly make the experience even better—and you’ll have to pay for that.

The classic threaded weed grinder design you’re probably familiar with has been trumped by a series of improvements including non-stickiness (ceramic), blades for cutting, no threads, and other important improvements.

Manufacturing Location - Made in USA

For some goods like phones, clothes, and many other things, people don’t care too much where the good is manufactured.

But for other things like cars, food, and medicine, people prefer to purchase items that were manufactured in the United States. For some, it’s worth the extra cost.

$150 stainless steel weed grinder

While some grinder brands certainly do have features that reason a higher price, part of that price is often due to manufacturing in USA relative to other cheaper countries like China, Vietnam, or Mexico.

If this is something you care about check the items description, and if it doesn’t say it was specifically made in the USA, then it wasn’t.

Our grinders aren’t made in the USA, it’s one of the reasons the grinders we sell are cheaper compared to some others.


If you’re looking for a grinder 100 dollars or more, then you probably have an idea of what you’re looking for. While these grinders all serve the same purpose, the way they go about completing that task is often completely different and will provide a different experience.

Whether you care about having a thread-less weed grinder, stainless steel vs aluminum, or whatever your reason you have to want to spend $100 on a weed grinder, if you decide to go with any of the grinders on this list, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Still undecided? Check out the blog for more.