The Benefits of a Threadless Weed Grinder

3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders


There are so many different designs when it comes to cannabis grinders. From expensive cool grinders to cheap plastic grinders, the list is endless. But as the industry evolves so to do the designs we associate with luxury.

Threadless weed grinders are a rather new phenomenon that have risen in popularity along with the arrival of “high society” — pun intended. Brands look to distinguish themselves and consumers look for the newest and best designs that solve problems other grinder brands have ignored/failed to solve.

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Different Threadless Grinder Brands:

  • Brilliant Cut Grinder
  • ZAM
  • United Maching Co.

completely magnetic threadsIf you’ve ever broken up a bud with your hands, then you know that weed can be very sticky. It creeps into the corners of your grinder in ways you never thought possible. Your glistening beacon of silver metal slowly becomes a green, barely functioning mass you have to fight your way through just to get a pile of nicely ground bud. After a while your grinder becomes caked in pressed trichomes commonly referred to as “grinder hash”.

Like opening your fridge hoping to find it magically restocked in the five minutes since you last checked, opening your grinder when you’re out of bud can feel the same way. If you’re out of weed this might be a welcome treat, but grinder hash is a double edged sword.

Cross-Thread Prevention & Ease of Use

Most grinders are connected or held together with threads that require you to spin the different pieces together into a locking position. But when your grinder has that green layer of grinder hash, the threads can start to jam. Have you ever dropped your grinder only to find it cemented in place like the famous sword Excalibur? All you want is a bong rip, or to light up a joint, but suddenly you’re Googling how to unjam your grinder. You try sticking it in the freezer, running hot water over it, screaming at it in anger, yet nothing works. This is known as cross-threading and it can be incredibly difficult to fix, and frustrating to say the least.


And that’s why threadless grinders were created. By using magnets to keep your grinder together you can avoid this problem all together. And there are other benefits as well.

No More Endless Spinning - Save Time and Preserve Your Sanity

How often do you open up your grinder? How often do you grab your grinder off the table only to spend the next couple seconds spinning your grinder like an endless top hoping to reach the light at the end of the tunnel? A threadless grinder that’s designed well will be easy to open and close, making the whole process a lot less painful.

For most of us, “less painful” simply means less annoying. But for others less painful can be taken literally. It shouldn’t be forgotten that while cannabis is a recreational drug that can be enjoyed in leisure, others use it medicinally for common ailments like arthritis. Suddenly the struggle to open your grinder becomes a roadblock to salvation. But a threadless grinder removes that wall by making the process seamless and easy.

    3 Piece FullMag (Aluminum) - 2.2" - ZAM Grinders

    Disadvantages and Drawbacks

    Everything comes at a cost, and with grinders it’s not any different. The threadless aspect where a grinder is held together by magnets is rather new, and therefore grinders with this characteristic are generally sold at a premium price.


    Some brands have tried to create completely magnetic grinders only to create a finicky design. It’s often overlooked, but without threads what’s to stop the bottom sections of your grinder from spinning freely when you try and grind up a nug? Some brands have created a center post that prevents the other sections from spinning, while others have used small “guide posts” designed to catch and lock. Which design is better, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

    Consider a stainless steel weed grinder if you want a grinder that will last you forever. 


    ZAM makes the best threadless weed grinder on the market. No threads, no center posts! Customizable magnetic strength. 

    Simply put: threadless grinders are designed to make the experience of grinding weed better. By removing the threads you can prevent cross-threading by using magnets to magnetically connect the different sections of the grinder. This makes opening and closing the grinder effortless and luxurious compared to the monotonous spinning you’ll find in many standard grinders.

    This aspect is worthwhile to some, especially those with medical ailments, but for others it’s not worth the extra cost.