Best Dynavap Stash Box

While the “best” Dynavap stash case is opinionated, there are features that any Dynavap dugout/case/stash should have if it wants to be considered the best.

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Important Features: 

dynavap case

Dynavap storage - First off, any Dynavap case should do the one thing we expect it to — store the Dynavap vaporizer — but there should also be a spring to propel the Dynavap above the lip allowing you to easily grab it. That or it should be easily grabbed in whatever container it resides in.

Additional containers - The Dynavap is a great vaporizer and often called the best dry herb portable vaporizer, but it still requires a separate container for ground weed. A stash should have separate sections to load and de-bowl your Dynavap.


De-bowler section – After you’re done with a cap, you need to de-bowl or remove what’s in the chamber. If you have no desire to keep your ABV and you’re outside, you can simply shoot it on the floor, otherwise you need another container to store your ABV. But the best Dynavap dugout should also have a de-bowler in this section. It’s essentially a small spike that allows you to remove your ABV easily.

Ability to store concentrates – While most people use the Dynavap for only dry herb, you can also sandwich a little dab/wax between two layers of herb for a great time. So being able to store not only dry herb but concentrates too is important. The ZAM Stash is the only Dynavap case with the ability to safely store concentrates.

The ZAM Stash has a main container located under the lid that can fit either a glass jar, or the ZAM Mini grinder. inserts at the same time which provides the ability to hold multiple strains at once, or concentrates. The glass jar can fit one of the Teflon

Check out these non-slip Teflon de-bowler/bucket inserts. Two of these inserts fits in a ZAM stash at once.

De-capper cooling magnet - The Dynavap cap gets really hot and can melt or damage materials when setting the Dynavap down. A diametric magnet is perfect for accurately attracting the Dynavap to the center of the magnet for easy removal of the hot cap. Because the chamber of the device is small, a de-capper cooling magnet is important to chain-hit Dynavap caps quickly.

If you’ve had your Dynavap for any sort of time, you’ve probably been branded as well. The de-capper cooling magnet is key if you want to avoid accidentally grabbing the hot cap.

Free your captive cap! - The ZAM Stash is the only Dynavap stash that has the ability to easily de-cap the Dynavap captive cap. A small protruding edge on the backboard catches the captive cap and pulls it down as you slide the Dynavap up. This is great when you want to check the chamber for combustion while the cap is still hot, or also if you want to chain-hit the Dynavap as fast as possible.

Dynavap torch sheath – A premium Dynavap case should be able to carry everything needed in a compact form. The one features not yet discussed but required to fulfill your ultimate Dynavap stash dreams is for the stash to able to carry a torch. Well it just so happens that a torch caddy was designed to fit right in the spot where the de-capper backboard magnet resides. This caddy holds the Aomoi torch with a magnet on the bottom that strongly attracts to the magnet in the stash itself.

Smell proof - Last but not least, the best Dynavap stash should be smell-proof. It holds the Dynavap as well as ground cannabis, so it’s almost a no-brainer that it should be air-tight. The ZAM Stash has eight neodymium 52 (strongest grade available) magnets in the lid to keep it depressed into the closed-cell EVA foam that lines the top. These magnets are extremely strong and keep the main stash smell proof.

The Best Stash Should Be Effective Without Having to Get “Set-Up”

Accessible on-the-go - Many other cases are designed without the ability to actually use the case effectively unless it’s resting flat on a surface. While this is Ok, it’s a mistake as it really defeats the point of portability. With the ZAM stash, there’s a diametric neodymium magnet on not only the front like most standard  Dynavap cases, but also on the floor with a backboard. As you move about you can place the Dynavap here and rest it against the backboard. No other stash has this key feature.

dynavap caseDe-bowl/pack on-the-go - The best dugout case for the Dynavap should make de-bowling easily accessible while moving as well. You don’t want to have to stop and get set-up every time you want to empty it, do you? The ZAM stash is the only Dynavap stash with a swiveling container. This swivel container lets you easily pack or de-bowl depending on the insert in the swivel.

Remove excess movements - The goal of the stash is to remove excess movements/actions that can otherwise be combined and improved upon to provide the best possible experience. The ZAM stash does this by creating a staircase of easy movements from start to finish. De-cap/cool using the neodymium magnet, de-bowl using the swivel section, then repack in the main container directly above.

Check out these different stash colors! 


As you can see a Dynavap stash box needs to be able to do quite a lot in such a small package. While many people think their stash is the best, ask yourself, can your stash do all that is described above? The ZAM stash can.