Best Electric Weed Grinders

Manual weed grinders are great, but there are multiple occasions where you might want an automatic weed grinder instead. There are a couple electric weed grinder brands, all of which we’ll discuss in this article, but nowhere near as many as manual. Electric grinders are a rather new type of grinder that has been growing at a fast pace alongside the explosive growth of cannabis legalization.

electric weed grinderSituations Where an Electric Grinder Might be Used

Using an electric grinder for weed is sometimes looked down upon in the cannabis community, but there are multiple occasions where an electric weed grinder is going to be your weapon of choice. But watch out, many of these automatic grinders have relatively poor reviews when it comes to grinding weed to a good consistency for different smoking methods.

Need to grind a lot of weed

If there’s one thing an electric weed grinder is good at, it’s grinding a shit ton of weed. There’s a reason snoop dog used a coffee grinder sometimes. And for a man that hired an official blunt roller, that makes sense.

Dexterity Issues in Hands/Wrists

Another completely good reason to use an electric weed is if you have dexterity issues in your hands/wrists. There’s no reason you should submit yourself to pain just to grind your weed.


Hey, we’ve all been there. At the end of the day we’re here to smoke some cannabis, not exercise. We want our cannabis ground so we can smoke it, plain and simple. Who cares how it happens, it’ll still burn. 


An off-shoot of quantity, a dispensary’s need for an electric commercial cannabis grinder is absolute. With the amount of pre-rolls that need to be filled, it’s an obvious choice to save time and money.

Different Brands

There aren’t as many electric brands as manual, but they’re out there, and a couple have made a name for themselves. Good or bad, you’ve got a couple to choose from.

The Mamba

The mamba was one of the first electric weed grinders that gained some momentum on the market. By making the handle more ergonomic and placing the battery inside the handle, this grinder is able to provide a relatively unobtrusive way to grinder your weed automatically. Other electric grinders are more bulky.

otto electric weed grinderThe Otto

The Otto automatic cone roller is the best electric weed grinder on the market right now. It’s pretty much the only brand that has substantial capital behind its build design and marketing, and it shows. By using “AI” technology to give you best grinder, this grinder is the best suited for grinding your weed automatically but with a decent consistency. This “AI” techonology is just a sensor that determines when the blades have run into too much force, so they start turning the opposite way, just like a manual weed grinder. This prevents the Otto from getting jammed easily like many of these other brands mentioned. Cannabis is a very sticky substance, so this a big improvement on the quality of life in terms of grinding weed.


The Wakit is a different type of grinder that’s the newest on this list. While the Wakit is not portable by any means, it does have a specific use, and it was designed to fulfill that use only. While other portable electric weed grinders are more suited for carrying around in your pocket, this big boy is designed to rest on your kitchen table. With no bottom, this grinder is definitely messier than others, but there’s one thing this grinder excels at: grind consistency.

The most common problem with electric weed grinders is a poor grind consistency. Electric grinders just create too fine of a grind for most use cases. If you’re about to smoke a blunt, a joint, or even pack a simple bowl, you don’t want to pull everything through because your weed has practically turned into dust.

Best Electric Weed Grinder

The “best electric weed grinder” is going to depend on the situation, but honestly, in most cases, the best option is the Otto; it simply rocks compared to the rest. For a portable solution in your pocket, there aren’t may great choices as they tend to kind of suck at grinding well. You’ll have to individually pack the grinder and then unload stuck weed off the blades, rather than the ground nug collecting in a chamber. Essentially, these portable electric weed grinders are just mini blenders.

What Do Electric Weed Grinders Cost?

Electric weed grinders cost between $12 - $150. The cheapest electric weed grinder is the mass manufactured grinder you now see everywhere. Brands have been just dumping their logo on this product and calling it their own. 

Electric Weed Grinder Pen

There has been recent interest in weed grinder pens, but watch out, these grinders are deceptive. The most common weed grinder pen mentioned in the PenSimple because of a viral video a couple years ago. But watch out, this grinder is poorly regarded and its advertisement as an electric weed grinder is misleading. This pen weed grinder does not grind your weed for you, you must still grind it manually. The only supposed benefit of this grinder is the “auto dispensing” function which many people describe as useless. So what’s the point in buying an electric weed grinder that doesn’t grind your weed and barely works for its desired purpose. If you still like the idea of a pen weed grinder, check out our grinders. At 1.1” in diameter, our grinder is the perfect size for slipping into and out of your pocket. We also made a few patent pending improvements like a redesigned center magnet that makes the ZAM 1.1” the best small weed grinder on the market.

Easy Grinder

The Easy grinder is an upgrade compared to that mass manufactured grinder mentioned earlier. While his grinder is definitely also mass manufactured, they’ve put work into the design, branding, and overall function of the device. That being said, this grinder still works as a blender and you’ll have trouble getting a decent grind consistency. There are tips and tricks to get this grinder to work better, but as a base unit right out of the box, don’t expect to be able to get a consistent grind.


These other electric grinders are built to resemble the shape of a pen, or small oblong object — but not the Chewy. The Chewy has a flatter profile that leads itself to comfortably fitting the pocket. It also uses a different grinder mechanism that provides a better grind consistency, but is overall more work. Once again, weed is super sticky, and this grinder isn’t able to handle moist bud well. The bud gets stuck on the blades and doesn’t fall out of the chamber easily enough. This is a common issue with all electric weed grinders that utilize electric fan-like blades.

Why Most People Prefer a Manual Weed Grinder?

Most people prefer a manual weed grinder over an electric for multiple reasons. The fist and most often mentioned is the grind consistency. You simply can’t get a nice burn with your weed shredded into micro pieces. You need some bulker pieces to allow better air-flow. A super fine grind prevents this.

The second reason is simply the ability to actually cut the weed. Most weed stored at the standard 64 degrees can be pretty moist, and these grinders tend to have trouble grind it all up. They’ll grind some of it, but you can almost guarantee that there will be a decent amount stuck in the grinding chamber.

This leads into the third reason: maintenance. Manual weed grinders need maintenance too, but not anywhere near as much as an electric. Electric grinders have motors, gaps, and more than one way to jam them over time. While manual grinders are as basic as you can get it in terms of cleaning. A little Isopropyl and you’re good to go.

Collect Kief

One of the main reasons people even buy a grinder is so they can collect kief. It’s nice to open your grinder when you’re out only to find a nice pile of kief awaiting you. This kief can be super strong and it’s great to top-off a bowl or two with some kief. There aren’t any electric weed grinders that still collect kief as you would expect with a manual. Check this article to see the best grinder for collecting kief

Running Out of Power Sucks

Last but not least, running out of power sucks. You’re trekked up the mountain with your friends, you start to pull out all your goodies and your squad is having a great time enjoying the moment. Until they find out your grinder is dead and you’ll have to resort to grinding your weed like a normal plebe. Is it worth the trouble? Well that depends on the situation. If you’re just chilling in your home, do you have to worry about running out of power? Unless you live in Texas, it’s unlikely.


Electric weed grinders are great for some situations, but they definitely have some disadvantages compared to manual weed grinders. That being said, new electric weed grinders are gaining ground, so who knows when people will start preferring electric over manual. It’ll happen eventually.