The Best Weed Grinder Pens on the Market

Some herb grinders are bulky pieces of metal that can annoying to lug around if you’re out and about on the town. A weed grinder pen, on the other hand, is the perfect shape to carry around in a pocket or purse. These thin grinders were designed to be ergonomic, sturdy, and travel friendly. No more weird bulges, no more need for a “to-go” baggy, just your grinder and you is all that’s needed for a great time. Well, you’ll still need a lighter and something to smoke out of, but still…

Brands Available for Consideration

ZAM Grinder

The ZAM Grinder is a 1.1” wide and 3.7” in height making it the perfect companion for pocket travel. This mini grinder has a bunch of new features that make it the best weed grinder pen on the market. With so many different strains available, why only taste one at a time? With this grinder you can carry multiple strains at once, de-bowl external stems for one-hitters and vapes, as well as store concentrates in an air-tight, water-tight, extra compartment above the teeth.

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The PenSimple is a deceptive little product that should (most likely) be avoided. It’s advertised as an electric herb grinder — but it’s not. The actual grinder portion of the PenSimple is quite poor and requires hand-holding throughout the whole process. You know the deal: constantly having to check if it’s cleared yet, the need for a stick to poke stubborn weed bits through the holes, inconsistent grind consistency. You get it.

The real allure of the PenSimple is its auto dispensing ability. Rather than automatically grind the bud, instead it’s designed to propel weed out of a nozzle. I say “designed to”, because it doesn’t actually work that well. Read the reviews on Amazon, and check out the Youtube reviews, most of them are poor. The only real scenario in which you should consider this device is for tobacco, or if your bud is super dry and therefore it’ll grind and dispense easier.

Automatic Grinder Pens

electric weed grinder penThere are also a few electric weed grinders available that resemble the thin shape of a pen. These grinders were designed to tear through your weed like a mini blender. They don’t store kief and are actually quite bulky despite what the picture may advertise.

That being said, if you’re looking for something to grind up a lot of weed quickly with the least amount of work possible, these might be a good choice. If you’ve got arthritis or any other medical ailment regarding your joints and wrists, an automatic grinder pen might be the best choice. Check out our article on the best electric weed grinders if this is what you’re looking for.


When we think of a weed grinder pen, we imagine a thin grinder capable of easily slipping into the pocket. Cannabis has grown more potent and the devices we use have grown more efficient. No longer do we need multiple grams of cannabis flower to get to the point we want, so no longer do we need those big, bulky, and cumbersome grinders.

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