What’s the Best Herb Grinder for Vaporizers?

Speaking frankly, for many situations the ZAM 1.1” grinder will be the best grinder for vaporizers, specifically dry herb vaporizers. Here’s why.

What Kind of Grind is Best for Portable Vaporizers?

best grinder for vaporizersFirst we need to understand what type of grind consistency works best for vaporizers. We could go further into this, but I’ll simply sum everything up by saying dry-herb vaporizers generally work best with a medium fine grind. Some specific grinders can work well with a very fine grinder like the PAX 3 and the Magic Flight, but most need a little airflow to thoroughly heat the entire volume of bowl.

Not too coarse though, as many vaporizers only heat up to very specific temperatures and will be unable to heat the center of any dense chunks. The right consistency will give you a perfect, tasty hit that will maximize flavor and potency. It can even save you from the frustration of having to stir the vape’s bowl between hits.

Similar Characteristics

The ZAM has a couple characteristics in common with vaporizers which give it a unique edge over other grinders.  

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Both Designed for Smaller, More Efficient Amounts

Vaporizers are said to be more efficient than traditional methods of smoking. I.E – Bongs, joints, bowls, etc. Because of this, the bowl size of a vape is generally smaller than standard bowl sizes. The ZAM grinder is also smaller in width to account for this. Rather than a wide cumbersome shape, the ZAM is thin and deep, perfect for easy storage in the pocket — just like a portable vaporizer.

Portability and Adaptability

best herb grinder for vapesTo say the ZAM was designed for portability in mind would be an understatement. And it’s no guess that a portable vaporizer would be, wait for it…portable. The ZAM is a mini weed grinder at only 1.1” inches, which is the skinniest grinder on the market. That means this grinder is almost invisible in your pocket. When you go out, do you want to look like a kid that has stuffed his pants full of candy? Do you want bulging pockets that jingle jangle when you walk?

Designed for Both Concentrates and Flower

Portable vaporizers are evolving to vape not only dry-herb flowers but also concentrates. But there isn’t a single grinder on the market that’s designed to also store concentrates safely and effectively, except for the ZAM 1.1”. Being able to partake in both flower and concentrates when you wish is a luxury that shouldn’t be boggled down by having to carry a multitude of different objects. The ZAM 1.1” is all about making those small amenities into one ergonomic and easily accessible device.  

New Features That Compliment Vapes        

But that’s not all. The ZAM has a couple interesting features (some of which are patent pending), which make it excel over other grinder in regards to complimenting vaporizers. Just as jelly is to butter, the ZAM grinder is the best grinder for vaporizers like the Storz & Bickle, Mighty, Tinymight, and PAX.

Extra Compartment Above the Teeth

Remember how vaporizers tend to have small chambers? This can get annoying when you’re out-and-about and you have to dig into your pockets for yet another little trinket. The ZAM has you covered by adding another chamber above the teeth.

Magnetic Ring

zam grinder portabilityThe ZAM grinder has identity issues. While it may be small, it doesn’t act like it. The magnetic center post that usually causes your grinder to jam up has been relocated to the outside circumference giving you the maximum space possible for placing and then grinding your weed.

De-bowler for External Stems

Many vaporizers use glass stems to preserve flavor. Not only that, but some vapes use a loading system where the chamber is a part of the pathway. This is great for loading, but with unloading or de-bowling, the act can get annoying.

The ZAM has a de-bowler insert so you can easily de-bowl your stems. Straight and simple, this nifty add-on is the perfect thing for easily unloading any glass stems that become sticky and stuck.

Collection Bucket

The ZAM grinder is 3.7” when its full size and none of the sections are removed. This is nice if you want to store a decent amount of nug on you, but sometimes we just want a small amount right away even if the grinder already has a different strain in the chamber. To make this accessible and easy, you can grind a small amount directly into a removable bucket that fits underneath the drop-through holes.

Conclusion & Review

There are so many different types of grinders available on the market and even more brands. But there is only one grinder with a design so complimentary to the active lifestyle associated with portable vaporizers — the ZAM grinder.