The Undeniable Best Weed Grinder for Travel

If your plan is to pop a squat on the couch and watch a movie, pretty much any grinder will do in the end. But if you’re going to be traveling you won’t have access to much storage room, so you’ll need a smaller grinder with features that can compensate for its small size while staying an effective cannabis grinder.

Travel The World With This Grinder in Your Pocket

grinder for travelThe 1.1” ZAM grinder is exactly that. This grinder was built to be portable, easily pocketable, and will still shred your cannabis with ease. You might think, “wow, that’s small, there’s no way that would be useful”. But wait. A normal small weed grinder has that center magnetic post in the middle that prevents large nugs from being ground without impeding the magnet and subsequently preventing the grinder from closing and grinding effectively. But the ZAM grinder has a thin custom-designed ring magnet made from neodymium, the strongest type of magnet in the world. This ring creates a secure magnetic attraction while allowing full-size nugs to be ground in the center.

That’s not all. The teeth are extended so there’s more vertical room for the cannabis to be ground. This means you can not only place nugs indiscriminately without worry of jamming, but you can really smash a lot more in than you would expect for such a thin grinder. The ZAM grinder really is the best grinder for travel because of its extra storage, small stature, and impressive ability to grind nugs without jamming.

By extra storage I’m referring to the compartment above the grinder’s teeth where you can store additional nugs, pre-ground weed, screens, etc. Any common traveler knows that a little extra storage room can be a god-send. There’s also a PTFE insert so you can store dabs/concentrates if you want.

Smell Proof Travel Weed Grinder

The world is a big place, and while many places view cannabis as acceptable, others still hold a negative stigma. The giveaway that someone has recently smoked or has cannabis on them is smell. So if you plan to purchase a travel grinder, shouldn’t it be smell proof? The ZAM grinder has a smell proof compartment above the teeth and the grinder itself is more smell-resistant than other grinders because the magnetic force is around the perimeter of the chamber rather than the center, so no wobbles, and less smell escapes.

Dispense Easily With a PTFE Bucket

grinder with bucketWhen traveling it’s not uncommon to wish you had another pair of hands. With most grinders, after grinding you would need to sit down somewhere to load the cannabis into the device. But with the ZAM 1.1” you can grind directly into a small bucket located directly underneath the teeth. This bucket is easily removable so you can load devices without ever having to stop. We even sell a little funnel if you want to go one step further.  


If you’re looking for a grinder suited for travel, look no further than the ZAM grinder. I guarantee you won’t find a grinder better designed for the space conscious, mobile traveler. It’s small and easily pocketable so it won’t take up a lot of room, but at the same time it’s capable of grinding a decent amount at a time. Why carry a bulky 4 inch grinder when a 1.1” will work even better for the situation?

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