This Smell Proof Weed Grinder Hides the Stank

Cannabis smells, plain and simple. Even if you don’t have the dankest kush in all the lands, it’s most likely good enough to stink up an apartment. The same thing can be said with cannabis grinders. While these nifty tools are almost a necessity if you plan to regularly smoke weed, they don’t do a great job of containing the smell. Well, most don’t.

The ZAM Grinder

The ZAM grinder is a great air-tight, water-tight mini grinder that will keep that smell smell proof weed grinderlocked away where it belongs. While most grinders are designed with a magnet in the center, the ZAM is magnetically attractive along the circumference which provides a more smell resistant seal. Have you ever seen your grinder lid wobble loosely? The ZAM’s lid is so air-tight, that when you lift the lid, you hear a small “pop” like pulling a cork off.

Air-Tight, Water Proof Extra Container

Ok, let’s say you don’t believe me and you want to be absolutely sure there is no smell escaping. Well the ZAM 1.1 inch has another compartment built in with PTFE inserts guaranteeing not only that your dank won’t been noticed, but it’s designed to hold concentrates too.

What’s the Point if You Can’t Take It With You?

A cannabis grinder designed to prevent smell escaping is great, but most aren’t designed to take with you. They’re big, bulky, and cumbersome to even consider carrying in your pocket. So while a smell proof grinder sounds nice, you won’t be able to take full advantage unless it’s ergonomic enough to take with you.

Well, would you look at that! The ZAM just happens to be completely pocket-able. Actually, it was designed solely around that aspect! Not everyone needs to smoke a lot, and being able to grind and store fresh weed is important to most people, and so the ZAM 1.1” was born.

Cannabis is Still Illegal in Some States

Cannabis legalization has been gaining steam, and most people don’t even view cannabis as an illicit hard drug. But the states don’t care what “most” people want, they make their own rules. You may think cannabis is just another plant, but so long as marijuana is technically illegal in your state, a smell proof container is going to be important.

Separation of Vices and Family

weed smellWe don’t always want our in-laws to see what we’re up to, and cannabis can be particularly smelly. Sometimes it’s best to simply play things safe and get the most inconspicuous weed grinders that don’t look like weed grinders, the grinders that don’t smell, that won’t be noticed.


Despite the legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states, many people still need to be wary of the strong smell emanating from their weed. This could be for legal reason, social, or even societal expectations. A cannabis grinder designed to eliminate the strong odor from your cannabis is an obvious choice if these issues are relevant to your lifestyle.