Stealth Weed Grinder

Cannabis has been legalized in almost half the country, but that still leaves half of American citizens concerned about getting caught with cannabis on them. It’s a damn shame, but it is what is.

Don’t be that guy getting caught with a grenade shaped weed grinder in the airport. Here are some stealthy weed grinders to help you hide your weed from prying eyes.              

hidden weed grinderWhat Makes a Stealthy Weed Grinder?

A stealthy weed grinder is either innocuously small or simply doesn’t look like a standard weed grinder. Most weed grinders are made of metal, but wood, and plastic versions exist as well.

Smell Resistant

A good stealthy grinder should be smell resistant or entirely air-tight, water-tight. Speaking of which, the ZAM has an air-tight, water-tight compartment for this exact reason. Check out the ZAM grinder here.


Common cannabis grinders are hockey-puck shaped and come various sizes, but they’re hard to miss if you know what you’re looking for. A smaller weed grinder will help hide its use. It could be a lipstick container, or a salt shaker…who knows? The point is to provide doubt that it could be something else.

Your grinder should be small enough to easily slip in to a pocket without a giant bulge forming in your pants, and your grinder shouldn't weight down your purse. Some grinders are so large that it would be obvious you’re trying to hide something.

Easily concealable

Being able to hide or conceal your weed grinder could be considered a by-product of size, but considering stealth is our intention, conceal-ability should also be mentioned. A grinder could be both small and blaringly obvious that it’s intended for grinding weed. No super bright Rastafarian grinders for you, mister. A simple black or silver colored grinder would be best for a stealthy herb grinder.

No Flashy Gimmicks, Sounds, and Vibrations

It’s 3am and everyone’s asleep in the house. Your grandparents are in your spare room and your newborn childs sleeping in the crib down the hall. Do you want your grinder to start beeping, ‘whooing, and bluring? No. No vibrating grinders, no grinders with little trays, and no flashy aesthetics. The point is for your grinder to become just another pocket accessory.

stealthy weed grinderCommon Grinder Disguises

A grinder can be either uncommonly shaped and therefore not considered a weed grinder, like the ZAM grinder, or it can be designed to be interoperated as a separate object. Examples of this are casino chip grinders, pokemon ball grinders, and battery shaped weed grinders. There are more of course, but those few give a couple examples.

Stealthy Alternatives to Using a Grinder

Grinders are great for maximizing the smoking experience, but they aren’t 100% necessary if you’re in a pinch. You can use you hands to tear it up as best as possible, or use the old scissors in a shot glass method. Another common tricks is putting some weed and a coin in a bottle and shaking it to grind it up. This doesn’t work to well, but again, if you’re in a pinch beggars can’t be choosers.

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