What's the Best Grinder Kief Scraper & Scooper

A kief scraper is a small tool used to easily gather kief that has been sifted through a grinder’s screen. 

That righteous golden goodness, also known as kief or pollen, collects at the bottom of any weed grinder with a screen and can be used later in various ways for a high-dose of THC.

Other common names for this tool are: kief shovel, kief spoon, kief scooper, grinder shovel, and pollen scraper.

Herb Scooper

Different Types of Kief Scrapers

These little objects come in various sizes and shapes.

You can find everything from stainless steel shovels to 3D-printed shovels, to mass manufactured toy shovels which cannabis smokers have adopted for their purposes. There are even some house-hold objects commonly used as kief scrapers. 

Why Use a Kief Scraper?

While the main container of an herb grinder is generally large and easily accessible, the pollen collector is sometimes small and hard to reach. Kief shovels were created to make that process easier.

Using the wrong tools can cause your kief to fling out of your grinder, and kief is a valuable thing that can take weeks to gather enough for general use. Nothing sucks more than to watch your kief disappear like a fart in the wind.

Lego Shovel for Grinder

One such adoption is the small plastic Lego shovel that comes with some Lego kits. It just so happens that many cannabis users, portable vaporizers users more specifically, love using these little shovels to gather and dispense herb and kief for their devices.

The downside is that these little things are quite hard to find and are usually only sold in large packs of 20-50.

But there are a host of new designs coming out for this exact purpose. There are many for sale on Etsy, and we sell a grinder shovel.

zam kief scooper

Small Shovel for Portable Vaporizers

If you aren’t familiar with portable vaporizers, they’re a smoking tool that heats up herb before the point of combustion so you don’t get any of that black resin or tar.

These devices are healthier for your lungs and overall more efficient. Unfortunately, portable vaporizers also generally have a rather small loading chamber that can make it difficult to load and dispense cannabis flower.

Side note: check out this article on harvesting grinder hash. You'll get grinder hash if you allow stray bits of flower and kief to build-up in your grinder.

Best Kief Scraper Overall

The best kief scraper is the ZAM scooper because of its many unique features. It has a sharp front edge with a gradual slop (like a snow shovel), to make loading kief or herb from a grinder effortless.

Unlike other plastic grinder scrapers on the market, our shovel is made with steel dowel pin inserted into the handle, giving it the capability of magnetically standing on the edge of the FullMag version grinders.

The long handles make reaching into the depths of any grinder, easy. And last, but not least of all, our weed scoop tool is actually affordable. Others will charge you $7-$8 for a 1-inch plastic shovel, but our is significantly less.

How to Make a Kief Scraper

To make a kief scraper, all you need is a small objects with a flat face and an extremely small edge.

A common alternative is using a guitar pick. These tiny, flat objects are perfect for kief collection and are quite cheap, generally only costing a dollar or two.

Alterative Kief Scraper Options

Another option is simply a thin card or piece of paper. While your debit or credit card is likely to be too thick, a paper business card would be perfect.

But there are dangers with making your own kief shovel. Using too thin an objects creates a risk of flinging your kief everywhere. This was mentioned early into the article, but it truly sucks, and it's more likely to happen with a thin flexible object like paper.

Perhaps it has happened to you already, but hopefully I’m saving you from an unfortunate accident. The only thing worse is pulling a 100% bowl straight through because you forgot to pack a buffer layer of coarse weed.

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