Best Weed Grinder Under $50

Because of the explosion of states legalizing cannabis recreationally, businesses have scrambled to release new products for this new and valuable sector. Cannabis grinders are one of those new types of products. From grinder cone loaders to expensive, luxurious cannabis grinder brands, you have a multitude of different types, brands, and sizes, to choose from.

best weed grinder under $50But at the end of the day, some of us would rather spend our hard-earned cash on the substance itself rather than worry about buying the best grinder possible. That’s where grinders under $50 come in to play.

For $50, you can buy a decent grinder that you’ll be happy with. It won’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive brands have, but it’ll get the job done well. Most grinders would fall into this category, and while you’ll have cheaper options like plastic available, the fact that you set your sights on under $50 means you still want a quality, metal weed grinder.

Different Grades of Aluminum, Different Types of Metals

All metal grinders are not built the same. While some grinders will be manufactured out of zinc, others will be made out of aluminum, or even steel. For this price range, you should look for an aluminum grinder CNC’d from a single block of 6061. Many brands will tout their “air-craft grade aluminum”, and then won’t specify which grade. For $50, if you look, you can find the right grinder.

Make Sure It’s Anodized

One of the biggest factors that separates a high quality aluminum grinder from the poor is whether the grinder has been anodized. Through the process of anodization, the metal is chemically hardened on a molecular level. Have you ever seen a grinder where it looks like little aluminum paint chips have been scratched off? It will appear flaky, flat, and will comes off in large chunks. This is a grinder that wasn’t anodized and then poor painted. A properly anodized part won’t chip. Some parts my wear down over time and expose the metal underneath, but flat paint chips shouldn’t happen.

Brands to Look At:

Santa Cruz Shredder - One of the most popular brands available. Larger grinders will be out of your budget.

ZAM Grinder (That’s Us) - Modular, portable grinder designed for travel/microdosing. 

Mendo Mulcher - Basic, well designed grinder. Nothing special, but nothing wrong with a plain, good ol' fashioned grinder. 

Space Case - The oldest brand on the market. Can be hard to fine and expensive price fluctuations. 

Why You Should Consider the ZAM Grinder

The ZAM grinder is only $40 without any of the additional PTFE inserts, and if you really want to go small, you can get the ZAM mini for $30. The ZAM grinder has a host of different improvements that make the travel/portability aspect a breeze.

If you ever find yourself wanting to de-bowl your vape easily, or carry multiple strains of weed in one container while also carrying concentrates, give the ZAM grinder a look. More a travel companion than a desk jockey, the ZAM grinder is probably the best weed grinder under $50, but seeing as how I designed it, I’m certainly biased.

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Grinding weed isn’t a difficult or overall cumbersome thing to do, but these small add-on annoyances in our every-day lives tend to add up over time. Whether it’s a broken charging cable, or a stuck weed grinder, fixing these small problems will make your life less stressful and overall better. Treat yourself to something decent and consider purchasing one of the brands listed above. Here's a list of the best grinder brands if you still haven't decided.