The Best Grinder Cone Loaders for Saving Time

Joints are great for a multitude of reasons, but not everyone can roll a dooby. Not to worry, cones were invented to provide the same satisfaction of a joint without the necessary skill level. But cones can be a little annoying to load. Pouring sticky material into a tiny hole is not only annoying, it’s time consuming and messy. Some of us just want to smoke the damn thing, not spend ten grinder cone rollerminutes rolling a joint.

Today, we have cones which are pre-rolled joints that cut down the time between thinking about and smoking your herb. Cones are the fastest way to go from preparation to smoking, but we can make things go even quicker — and that’s with grinder cone filler.

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What are Grinder Cone Loaders?

Grinder cone loaders make filling cones easier by eliminating the number of extra steps. Normally, after grinding your weed you would need to then scoop up and fill the cone. This seems easy, but weed is sticky and the opening for weed is pretty small. We sell kief shovels that can help, but overall this can make the whole process a pain in the ass which pretty much defeats the purpose of a grinder cone loader in the first place.  

Difficult to pack Tight

While the grinder cone filler will definitely save time, it can be difficult to pack the entire thing tightly in one go without taking the cone filler out and pressing the weed tighter like you would normally have to do. Some people find this defeats the purpose, but others are happy to simply pack the cone at the end of the process. You’re joint will be 25% smaller, but it’ll burn right and tight as it should.

Different Grinder Cone Roller Brands

While grinder cone rollers are a relatively new cannabis accessory, there are a couple different brands available. We’ll list these and go over the benefits and negatives of each as well as compare and contrast the various features that make each brand of cone loader unique.


The Grindarolla is a plastic version that holds a set of 6 unfilled cones, and 1 cone directly in the center which the grinder funnels into. There are some downsides, for example you have to use an exact type of cone or the bud won’t funnel properly. The grinder itself is plastic which is about as low quality as it can get it, but people do seem to like the Grindarolla as it has a host of positive reviews on Amazon.


The HighRoller is the leading cheap grinder cone loader. It’s made of plastic and designed to hold multiple joints at once while it fills the joint in the center. While some people have positively reviewed this cone loader, many have expressed complaints that the weed doesn’t all fall into the cone, which can make things a little messy.

Also, with this device you have to hold the cone under the loader at all times. There’s no bottom so to keep the device correctly fitted you have to simultaneously hold the to-be filled cone into the device while grinding any nugs.

Instacone Herb Grinder

The Instacone is designed a little differently than the other loaders. Rather than worry about storing unused cones, this one focuses only on filling a single cone. There’s no complex system, it’s made out of plastic, but sometimes simple works best. The grinder section is enlarged so you can grind more at once, and then the part that stores the cone is a simple container.

grinder cone fillerSimplelif Tobacco Grinder

This is the cheapest of the cheap cone loader. It’s not the best. The plastic weed grinder doesn’t work well and the plastic funnel doesn’t fit right for many cone types.

Otto Electric Cone Filler

The Otto is the best grinder cone loader. This technologically advanced grinder is designed to provide a luxury grinding/cone loading experience you won’t forget, but it’s going to cost you. Using supposed AI technology, the Otto is designed to provide the a jam free cone loading experience.

The Revolver

The Revolver is the most expensive grinder cone loader on the market besides the electric Otto. It’s got a metal chassis unlike the other loaders, and an integrated system that allows you to propel the now-filled cones up for easy retrieval.


The cone is a relatively new joint type that many amateur rollers are happy to see created. But as we all know, if a process can be made easier, it will be. If any annoyance can be bypassed, it will be. And that’s the primary reason grinder cone rollers were invented — to save time and annoyance by making a seemingly annoying process just a little bit easier. Our grinder, the ZAM grinder does this too, please check it out. 

You have a couple options to choose from in the end, but cones are a rather new product so 3rd party accessories like these cone loaders still aren’t perfect. Most are made from cheap plastic, and most have obvious faults in regards to successfully packing a tight cone. In the end, all of these devices still require some fine-tuning after loading, so keep a little poker stick on-hand for the best pack possible.