Best Grinder Cone Loaders for Saving Time

Joints are great for a multitude of reasons, but not everyone can roll a dooby. Not to worry, cones were invented to provide the same satisfaction of a joint without the necessary skill level. But cones can be a little annoying to load. Pouring sticky material into a tiny hole is not only annoying, it’s time consuming and messy. Some of us just want to smoke the damn thing, not spend ten grinder cone rollerminutes rolling a joint.

Grind Directly into a Cone

There are cone fillers attached to a grinder so that when you grind you weed, it automatically drops into the cone. These are great for various occasions, but they have downsides.

Difficult to pack Tight

While the grinder cone filler will definitely save time, it can be difficult to pack the entire thing tightly in one go without taking the cone filler out and pressing the weed tighter like you would normally have to do. Some people find this defeats the purpose, but others are happy to simply pack the cone at the end of the process. You’re joint will be 25% smaller, but it’ll burn right and tight as it should.

Different Grinder Cone Roller Brands

While grinder cone rollers are a relatively new cannabis accessory, there are a couple different brands available.


The HighRoller is the leading cheap grinder cone loader. It’s made of plastic and designed to hold multiple joints at once while it fills the joint in the center. While some people have positively reviewed this cone loader, many have expressed complaints that the weed doesn’t all fall into the cone, which can make things a little messy.

Simplelif Tobacco Grinder

This is the cheapest of the cheap cone loader. It’s not the best. The plastic weed grinder doesn’t work well and the plastic funnel doesn’t fit right for many cone types.

Otto Electric Cone Filler

The Otto is the best grinder cone loader. This technologically advanced grinder is designed to provide a luxury grinding/cone loading experience you won’t forget, but it’s going to cost you. Using supposed AI technology, the Otto is designed to provide the a jam free cone loading experience.


The cone is a relatively new joint type that many amateur rollers are happy to see created. But as we all know, if a process can be made easier, it will be. If any annoyance can be bypassed, it will be. And that’s the primary reason grinder cone rollers were invented, to save time and annoyance to make a seemingly annoying process just a little bit easier.