Best Weed Grinder for Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo is a tiny, super portable weed vaporizer that puts some other dry herb vapes to shame. And like peanut-butter to jelly, every portable vaporizer user needs a weed grinder. But what kind of weed grinder?

Designed for Portability

The Arizer ArGo is a small vaporizer designed to easily fit in your pocket for a night out on the town. The glass stem clicks into best grinder for arizerplace preventing it from breaking and the overall shape is ergonomic and comfortable in the pocket. The ZAM grinder is the same.

The ZAM grinder is only 1.1” inches wide, making it one of the smallest weed grinders on the market. It’s designed to maximize the amount of weed you can grind by utilizing a patent-pending ring magnet that’s located around the circumference of the grinding chamber, rather than the center.

The Perfect Grind Consistency Match

The ArGo works well with a medium grind, though this is somewhat opinionated. The glass stem, or straw, has tiny holes at the bottom that can get clogged easily with weed that is ground too fine. The ZAM provides a medium-fine grind that works very well with the ArGo  by providing a smaller grind consistency great for a thorough cook but without coughing the glass stem to clog.  

Efficient With Small Amount of Cannabis

Some grinders are designed to grind multiple grams of weed at once, and some vapes are designed to vaporize the same. But the Arizer ArGo and ZAM 1.1” are not those types of products. Designed for use on the go when you need, these devices are best suited for smaller amounts of cannabis. Not everyone needs to smoke multiple grams of weed per week, and these devices are the best option for those without the need to binge.

Efficient Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Effective

You might think that a tiny vape and a tiny grinder wouldn’t perform up to par — and you would be wrong. The ArGo, while small, packs a punch that no one can contest. The glass straw provides a smooth hit and the relatively quick heat-up time removes the damnable wait time.

And the ZAM provides multiple functions ideal for different lifestyles which make it the best grinder for vaporizers. Check out our homepage for a list of features regarding what the ZAM grinder can really do.

Use Multiple Strains for Variable Flavor Blasts

The ArGo provides a fantastic flavorful hit, and the packs can be relatively small. Why not carry multiple types of weed so you can partake in all the wonderful strains available? With other grinders this would be impossible, but the ZAM’s modularity and build design gives you the capability to store up to three strains at once.

Mix It Up With Concentrates

While the ArGo is best used for cannabis flower, you can sandwich some oil in between ground flower in the stem to give you an ultra-potent hit. But most grinders can’t carry concentrates which would mean carrying another jar in your pocket. Good thing the ZAM is built to safely carry concentrates in an air-tight, water-tight, chamber above the grinder’s teeth. PTFE inserts are available to keep things slick and safe, and clean.

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The ZAM grinder 1.1 inch is the best grinder for the Arizer ArGo because of its overall build compatibility. These devices are both designed around portability and every-day-carry situations where bulky is bad. Check out the ZAM grinders in our store!