Best Weed Grinder for Dynavap

The Dynavap is a relatively cheap portable vaporizer, perfect for those looking to get into vaporizing weed. Not only that, but there are a multitude of upgrades and after market, 3rd party vendors that will make pretty much anything you 

best grinder for dynavapwant. Induction heaters, custom stems and stashes — all of these accessories specifically built for the Dynavap. But what about grinders? Is there a grinder that works well in pairing with the Dynavap? 

I would love to give you a simple answer to that question, but it’s actually a little more difficult. The age-old “it depends”, applies here, meaning the best grinder will depend on the situation and your personal preferences.

The Dynavap and ZAM 1.1" are Both Built for Portability

If you like to take your Dynavap out with you on walks, camps, moonlit strolls on the beach, or pretty much anywhere outside your house, the ZAM grinder is going to be your best option. The ability to easily store, grind, access, and de-bowl your weed without having multiple accessories to deal with makes the ZAM grinder one of, if not the best, grinder in regards to portability and adaptability.  

Dynavap and ZAM Are Perfect for Micro-dosing

With extended teeth, the ZAM can grind a lot if you mash a bunch of bud in thezam grinder blue chamber, but a mini grinder's specialization is never going to be grinding up a shit ton of weed.

Now, don't get me wrong, the Dynavap can hit like a truck when you need it to, but you aren't packing more than .2 even if you load that baby like a revolutionary flint-lock rifle. So isn't the ZAM grinder essentially the perfect companion for a device designed to quickly and efficiently vaporize small amounts of weed? Many people vape .05 to .1 grams in each pack, so the ZAM is perfect for keeping with you on the go and you dip and dabble.

The ZAM is only 1.1” wide, which is quite small, but there are design aspects that make it able to grind more than you think. The center magnet that would prevent such a small grinder from being useful has been repositioned to the circumference of the grind chamber, significantly improving the area for weed to be placed, and subsequently ground.

Removable Anti-Stick Teflon Dynavap De-Bowler

debowler for dynavap The Dynavap has a notoriously small chamber, so you can expect a fair amount of de-bowling and reloading, especially if you’re a heavy hitter that likes to finish multiple caps in one session. The ZAM grinder has a Teflon de-bowler insert that fits above the grinders teeth allowing you to effortlessly de-bowl your Dynavap. Capable of de-bowling around 10 caps before needing to be emptied, it's the perfect solution if you’re out-and-about and need a way to discreetly repack or de-bowl.

Grind Directly Into a Teflon Bucket

We sell another Teflon insert that is a standard bucket for carrying of concentrates and flower, screens, etc. A ZAM grinder can hold two inserts, one in the chamber above the teeth, and one directly beneath the drop-through holes allowing ground weed to fall directly into the little bucket.

dynavap non stick bucketSmell Proof Grinder

The Teflon linings in the additional chamber create an air-tight, water-tight seal when closed. This is important if you don’t want your car smelling like weed. The Dynavap can smell quite a lot too, especially if it's been left in an enclosed space, so consider checking out our Dynavap dugouts which are smell proof.


There are many different kinds of cannabis grinders, and even more brands. But the ZAM grinder is unique portable grinder that shares the same attributes as the Dynavap. With a focus on portability, and efficiently using small amount while still keeping up with the big dogs, the ZAM grinder and Dynavap are two peas in a pod. Anyone looking for a grinder to pair with the Dynavap wouldn’t go wrong with the ZAM 1.1”.