Why You Shouldn’t Use a Coffee Grinder for Weed

coffee weed grinderOk, lets get one thing straight, will a coffee grinder actually grind your weed? Yes. Will you want to grind your weed with a coffee grinder though? Now that’s another question entirely, and one we aim to answer through this article.

What Kind of Grind Do I Need for Weed?

A grinder is grinder, right? Wrong. While it will get the job done, weed that is going to be used for different purposes generally prefers a different grind. That is, weed prepared for a bong hit vs weed prepared for a joint or blunt should be ground to different consistencies. Just like coffee.

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fine ground weedSo what type of grind do you need? Not the kind you get from a coffee grinder. Coffee grinders are generally bur grinders that even up desecrating your weed until it’s a super fine pile of mush. You ever try to light a bowl of 100% kief only to suck the entire bowl through? That’s what it’s like to smoke weed that’s been ground by a coffee grinder.

That being said, some vaporizers do actually prefer a finer grind, but it’s unlikely that any will have been designed to work with such a finer super grind.

Don’t You Want to Collect Kief?

Unlike most 4-piece weed grinders, a coffee grinder isn’t going to have the ability to catch and store kief. Kief is one of earth’s great wonders and you would be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring the possibility.

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Situation Where You Might Want to Use a Coffee Grinder

Alright Snoop, listen up. If you plan to smoke joint after joint or blunt after blunt, then yes, a coffee grinder might be for you. Even then, your smoke is going to be too fine, but to each their own.

Arthritis, broken bones, and overall disability

One reason you might need a coffee grinder for grinding your weed is if you’re disabled in some way. Thought that still isn’t much of an excuse because we have electric weed grinders nowadays.  They aren’t perfect, but should do a much better job than a coffee grinder. These electric weed grinders can also be expensive, so in a pinch, a coffee grinder could be used. Anything’s better than trying to tear your weed up with your hands…unless you want a coarse grind, then you’re fucked.

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