Does Weed Lose Potency After Grinding?

potency of weedYes, as soon as you grind your weed, the clock starts ticking. Once your weed makes contact with oxygen, the THC found in the trichomes starts to degrade and turn into CBD. While this is fine for some, others of us want to keep those psychoactive effects.

If you’re asking if grinding weed up will make your hits more potent, the answer is simply yes. But there’s more to it than that if you care. Check out this article on why you should use a weed grinder.  

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How to Prevent Loss of Potency?

Keeping your weed in an air-tight, water-tight container like the ZAM grinder can mitigate these effects and keep your weed fresh for longer periods of time.  

Don't Use Mason Jars

There are special jars designed for long-term storage of cannabis flower. You might be considering mason jars, but unless you regularly keep your jars in a dark place like a cabinet, something that prevents light from entering the container would be a better choice.

Just as oxygen degrades marijuana, so do UVA rays. The best way to preserve your ground cannabis is to keep it in an air-tight, water-tight, jar with UV blocking material. This is why many cannabis containers are dark black, or simply made out of metal.

steel grinder potency

Grind Just Before Consumption

The best way to preserve flavor and potency of weed is to simply grind it up right before you smoke it. This might seem simple, but carrying around a grinder unobtrusive enough to fit in your pocket while still being useful was hard to come — until now. The ZAM 1.1 inch grinder is everything you need to keep the freshest weed always available. Store unground buds in the air-tight, water-tight compartment above the teeth, and then grind when you’re ready. Leave your cannabis flower in your grinder for too long, and it won’t even matter!

Other Grinders Designed to Prevent Loss of Potency

There are other grinders on the market designed to keep your stash as fresh as possible. Check out this article on the top weed grinder brands.