Best Grinder for Microdosing

If you’re looking for a micro weed grinder, then you’re not just looking for the best small grinder, you want an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny grinder, the smallest there is, and I’ve got one just for you.

microdosing tiny weed grinder

The ZAM grinder is only 1.1” inches in diameter making it the skinniest weed grinder on the market. It’s designed to be a pocket weed grinder — easily accessible and unobtrusive while still being useful for general cannabis grinding and storage needs.

The ZAM mini is a great weed grinder for hiking, or to keep in a purse or bag when space is tight.

You can buy the ZAM Mini here.

Very Small Weed Grinder

Speaking of space, a 1 inch weed grinder is the smallest you’re going to find, and the ZAM grinder does things a little differently than other grinders with that space.

With so little room to place cannabis nugs for grinding, the center magnet used to hold the lid on was relocated to the outside circumference, i.e – a ring.  This lets you throw full size weed into the grinder without having to tear your weed up into super small chunks.

Easy to Grab and Hold

Pocket V2 (Aluminum)

One of the largest problems plaguing tiny weed grinders is that lack of room to place your hands. Maybe you’re ok with grinding smaller amounts at once, but what do you do when you can’t even grip the two sides of the grinder?

The ZAM has a long straight surface texture with the grinding lid starting further down the grinder. This gives you a whole lot of room to grip, grab, and turn the grinder which is unlike other mini grinders that design to the lid to be as annoyingly small as possible.

Best Grinder for Microdosing

One of the main reasons some people don’t need or want to grind a lot of weed up at once ifs that they are Microdosers, or people who consume only very small amounts of cannabis at a time for the purpose of feeling the relaxing effects without impeding their normal day-to-day functions.

It seems obvious that a microdoser would then want a micro weed grinder. There’s no need to be over-encumbered by carrying a giant grinder when .1-.3 grams is enough weed to leave you feeling satisfied.

Some microdosers also like to partake regularly throughout the day. If you expect to keep your weed with you, the ZAM grinder is the perfect super mini grinder designed for a day out on the town. There are even little Teflon buckets that come with the full size ZAM grinder so you can dispense right into a little bucket. Perfect for keeping small doses accurate and organized!

Maximize Flavor by Grinding Just Before Consuming

It’s not a secret that weed starts to degrade as soon as you grind it. THC also starts to turn into CBD the longer the material is exposed to oxygen and sunlight, so keeping your cannabis in an air-tight container is your best bet to preserve quality overall.

The ZAM 1.1” grinder has a nifty extra compartment above the teeth that’s air-tight, water-tight, and perfect for storing a couple of delicious nugs away from any unwanted elements. If you’re micro dosing throughout the day, this set-up is perfect for maximizing flavor. You can keep your unground nugs in the extra compartment, and then grind right before consuming for maximum effects and minimum material degradation.


The ZAM 1.1” Grinder is the best micro weed grinder on the market. I’m as biased as can be, but I’m also right. 

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