Space Case Scout vs. ZAM Pocket 1 Inch

The space case is a mini weed grinder much like the ZAM, but there are a key few details that make the ZAM 1.1” grinder better than the Space Case Scout.

space case scout vs zam pocket grinder v2

Size of Both Grinders

First of all, both grinders are super-duper small, and they were designed that way on purpose. Not everyone that smokes cannabis needs to be able to chief-kief an entire blunt in one sitting.

These are weed grinders designed primarily for the micro-dosers of the world. Those who only need .1g - .3g to get the party started.

So What’s the Difference Between the Two?

First of all is the magnet. Like I said, these grinders are small. You’ve only got so much room to place your weed and then grind it up. With most grinders, and the Scout is included in this, they have a magnet placed in the center that gets in the way.

For a larger grinder that’s less of a problem, you simply place your weed around the magnet. This can be annoying, but it’s manageable. With the scout, you simply can’t do that, the magnet always gets in the way.

But the ZAM is built with a magnet around the circumference rather than the center, allowing full use of the grinder’s chamber. So you may think this tiny grinder can only grind a little, but once you see there’s no magnet impeding you, you’ll see just how much you can pack.

Extended Teeth

spase case scout

The chamber is limited in how wide it can be, but not how deep. The ZAM pocket grinder increased the size of the grinder’s teeth so you can place more bud in the teeth.

So the ZAM has increased both the amount you can put in without jamming, and also the amount you can put in before filling the chamber. These things coincide to make the ZAM grinder the best mini weed grinder on the market. But there’s more.

Drop-Through Holes

This may seem like an obvious characteristic to have in a weed grinder, but the Scout mini weed grinder doesn’t have drop-through holes for your bud to accumulate.

Like a 2-piece grinder, your bud stays in the chamber with the teeth, and then you have to unscrew it and then dump your herb into the container.

That’s annoying, and the ZAM fixed that. Like any normal weed grinder, the ZAM has drop-through holes allowing your bud to safely collect in the storage area.

More Amenities Than a Four Star Hotel

Really, the Space Case Scout is no comparison to the ZAM 1.1" Pocket grinder. The Scout has a tiny ungraspable lid, barely has the capability to grind weed, and the model with the “integrated storage” doesn’t even come with a kief screen!

Then, if that wasn’t enough, the ZAM has different inserts available so you can customize with a de-bowler of different colors. 


While the Space Case Scout may have been a favorite years ago, cannabis grinder’s have developed to the point that the Scout is almost obsolete. Check out the ZAM grinder to grind, store, and go!