Space Case Titanium vs Aluminum


space case aluminum vs titanium
Listen to me very carefully. There is no such thing — no such thing I repeat — as a true titanium weed grinder for less than a couple hundred-dollars.


Every time you see a titanium Space Case, please understand that the “titanium” in the name is referring to the color of the grinder, not the type of material it is made of.

No Such Thing as Titanium!

Through the process of anodizing, aluminum is made significantly stronger. This is true and often found in most name-brand grinders. That does not mean the grinder is made from titanium, and it wasn’t coated in titanium either.

List of Titanium Weed Grinders - Notice the Price:



Cost to Machine Titanium vs Aluminum

For years, in forums and on social media, I’ve seen people mention that the “titanium Space Case” is the strongest. No. It’s a $50 dollar grinder, how is it possible to make a weed grinder out of titanium for less than our stainless steel weed grinders or even some aluminum grinders? I’ll tell you — it’s not. Because it’s not real titanium.

Cheap Titanium Grinders Impossible

Cannabis grinders are made using a CNC machine. When using a CNC, the harder the material, the more difficult to machine, and therefore the more expensive the finished product.

So there’s almost no way a grinder made from titanium, one of the strongest metals available, would cost less than even these stainless steel weed grinders. That doesn’t mean Space Case don’t sell good grinders, but the often propagated idea that Space Case sells actual grinders made from real titanium is completely bonkers.      


I doubt Space Case purposely fooled people, but that doesn't change the fact that many believe they're buying a genuine titanium weed grinder. There is a big difference between aluminum and titanium, and receiving and bosting about your fake wanna-be titanium weed grinder problem wouldn't go well.

That being said, the color titanium does look awesome. Looking for more information on weed grinders?